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Action Priority Matrix: Identify The Right Opportunities To Pursue

The Action Priority Matrix is a simple tool which can help ensure you’re spending your time working on the right tasks in the correct order.

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Consulting Career Paths - Which road is right for you?

Is consulting a good career option for you? One of my lightbulb moments as a consultant was working for Heineken, based out of Warsaw. It was a tough project... (keep reading)

Question to ask in interviews

5 Questions to Ask in a Consulting Interview – Plus What NOT to Ask

Your consulting interviewer’s main goal is to test your problem-solving skills and your fit with their company. But what comes next?

How to negotiate a job offer

How to Negotiate a Job Offer

Whether you’re coming to the negotiation straight from a well-paid internship or starting from scratch without much professional experience, here's what you need to know.

Covid interviews

How Covid changed job interviews forever: what you need to know

What do you need to know about virtual job interviews for management consulting jobs?

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Free Course: How to Write a Consulting CV!

FREE course to learn about the consulting industry with detailed guidance on how to write the perfect CV, giving you the best chance of getting a great job!

Management Consulting Jobs

Free course: "Should I become a Management Consultant?"

Find out what management consultants actually do, who they help and what it's like to work at a consulting firm. Evaluate career options and find out where consulting can take you.

Candidate Preparation Guide

Free Download: Consulting Interview Preparation Guide

Get prepared for your consulting interview with our FREE download packed full of tips, practice resources and some special bonuses!

Careers Fair 2020 Image

Virtual Careers Fair Panel Discussion (Audio)

An audio file from our October 2020 Consulting Careers Fair: Hear from our panel of experts; their varied experiences in management consulting and beyond!


Dealing with Ambiguity -An Essential Core Consulting Skill

Having a strong ability to deal with ambiguity truly is the new business imperative in our increasingly fast-paced world. It's a core consulting skill which must be learnt.

Human Capital

What role can human capital consultants play in enabling the workforce of the future?

Organisations have never been more conscious of the 2-way dependency between themselves and their workforce. Will this lead to reimagining the role of human capital consultants?

Critcial Thinking 4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars of Critical Thinking (Consulting Skills)

Critical Thinking is a key consulting skill. People who succeed as consultants and industry tend to be the people with the best critical thinking skills. Article by Jeff Kavanaugh