Thanks for your interest in the QualRisk Analyst role!

The QualRisk Analyst vacancy offers graduates the opportunity of securing a permanent role within their London office situated in the heart of the City.

QualRisk helps insurance and financial services companies enhance their data and analytics strategies.

The value of leading data and analytics capabilities, enabled through technology, is unmatched in its importance in driving competitive advantage for virtually every business of consequence. QualRisk works with leading financial services firms internationally in the area of data and analytics and technology.

QualRisk is led by a group of Managing Directors based in New York and London, each bringing more than 20 years of experience in data and analytics in financial services. Their Managing Director is ex-McKinsey & Company and a world-class leader in this field.

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***Note this graduate role is only open to people available to start a permanent role immediately or within a few weeks***

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