Should I become a Consultant?

Asking yourself this question but have little idea what management consultants actually do, who they help, or what it's like to work at a consulting firm? ...and want to find out where it can take you!

This FREE course is for you!!

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    Course Outline

    • Introduction
    • Your career choices
    • What is consulting?
    • Why become a consultant?
    • What do consultants do?
    • Types of consulting firms
    • How to be a great consultant
    • Consulting career path
    • Your career direction
    • Recap and next steps

    Here is what we will cover in
    this course

    Learn about Management Consulting

    Learn what a management consultant actually does and whether you're suited to it

    Understand the types of consulting firms

    Understand the landscape on management consulting firms and dispell certain myths and truths

    Pros and Cons of Consulting

    This session considers some of the common pros and cons of management consulting

    Understand who thrives in Management Consulting

    Learn about the attributes required to thrive in strategy/management consulting

    How to be a great management consultant

    Get a head start to becoming a great consultant!

    Where it can take my career...

    Discover how management consulting can be an exceptional springboard career.


    Mark Emerson

    Mark is a Co-Founder of Explore Consulting, a former automotive engineering consultant working internationally. In more recent years, Mark has been a Director at ERC Search and gained extensive experience recruiting and supporting top-level strategic and commercial talent; working with individuals from McKinsey, Bain and BCG and the 'Big4', as well as leading boutique consulting firms.