How to write a perfect Consulting CV

FREE course to learn about the consulting industry with detailed guidance on how to write the perfect CV, giving you the best chance of getting a great job!

    As an experienced recruitment professional I know how important a well written and carefully crafted CV is to getting a job offer. Please take this FREE course for useful tips on how to write a GREAT CV!

    Course Outline

    • Introduction
    • Module 1 - Consulting 'Firms' & Consulting 'Tips'
    • Module 2 - Application Process, Useful Tips & Example CV
    • Module 3 - Structuring your CV - Profile and Professional/Work Experience
    • Module 4 - Structuring your CV - Education & Qualifications, Skills Strengths & Interests and Cover Letters
    • Wrap up and next steps


    Ed Wells - Co Founder of Explore Consulting and Founder of ERC Search - Exec Search firm, specialising in supporting recruitment within the strategy & management consulting sector. Previously a Chartered Surveyor