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78 York Street London W1H 1DP

From your first day working at Chartwell, you will be leading a client team to deliver major improvements to an industrial manufacturing process in a matter of weeks

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Chartwell Consulting

A rapidly growing Operations Consulting firm, combining structured methodology, client engagement and problem solving

40 - 50
Role Location London
Client Facing Regularly


Company Description

About Chartwell Consulting

Chartwell Consulting is a rapidly growing Operations Consulting firm, combining structured methodology, client engagement and problem solving to consistently deliver 20-50% increase in manufacturing performance within 3 to 9 months.

A different kind of Consultancy:

Hidden Opportunity is in every organisation - we help them obtain it. We specialise in the manufacturing sector, working on site daily with teams comprising of all levels of an organisation: from operators to global directors, to overcome the hardest challenges facing industry. Our knowledge and experience are derived from over 250 projects, yet we constantly seek to learn, develop and improve. Chartwell is a results-based organisation focused on actions and delivery, not content with simply leaving behind a report. We are proud of our Results Guarantee: a promise to our clients that without results, we do not ask for a fee.

Accelerate your career:

Chartwell delivers projects across three continents with our growing team from four global offices: London, Berlin, Zürich and Boston. We are not industry specific, applying our principles and techniques to a wide range of client situations. Recent examples include Covid test kits, automotives, variety of food, super yachts, fabrics, and chemicals. Within your first few weeks, you will already lead your own client team to drive improvement and deliver lasting impact onsite. Within a few years, you will have responsibility for delivering entire projects, working day-to-day with stakeholders at all levels of a client’s organisation. Most importantly, we believe in the potential of every Chartwell Consultant to become a Chartwell Partner, and have built a business model that supports this.

We want you to be different. Because so are we!

Therefore, we are looking for people who are talented technical problem solvers, leaders and well-rounded communicators, who love working in challenging and fast-paced working environments to join us in our London, Berlin or Boston Office. At 7 years old and with 40+ consultants, we are a fast-growing business, offering the opportunity to mould and shape Chartwell by trying your hand at internal business activities.

About this Job

From your first day working at Chartwell, you will be leading a client team to deliver major improvements to an industrial manufacturing process in a matter of weeks.

This could mean diagnosing the root cause of poor yield in a cheese-making process, leading a team of operators to redesign changeover processes in a yarn plant, or cranking up the output of a new pharmaceutical line.

One of the key factors that separates us from other consulting businesses is that our work is based on delivering performance improvement for our clients. This means spending time on the shop floor rather than just behind a computer, and working with people and machines to figure out what the real problems are – as well as how you’re going to fix them.

From your first week on site, you will have your own project to lead, complete with a team of clients from all parts of the business and an ambitious target to hit. Working at Chartwell, you will quickly develop your leadership skills as you run daily meetings with the team, figure out how to improve the top priorities and create the plans to accomplish the project goal.

Our projects are as diverse as the locations in which we work. Travelling each week from one of our four home offices to client sites across Europe, North America or Asia, our teams have worked across a huge range of industries in the last few years such as:

· Covid-19 Test kits

· Yarn and specialty fabrics

· Superyachts refurbishment

· Pharmaceuticals

· Heavy chemicals

· Smart meters

· Ocular implants

· Catalytic converters

· Bakeries

· Medical packaging

· High performance polymers

· Food

· Plastic waste reduction

Training and Development:

Our people are the most important part of our business and we put a strong emphasis on training and development. We have developed a training program throughout your career: kicking off with a two-week induction program and supported with fortnightly training days as well as daily coaching that all new starters receive on their first few projects. We want our people to develop as fast as possible and we support them along the way.

We Seek:

We are looking for candidates with a scientific or engineering background who are passionate about understanding how things work and improving them. If you are a confident leader with strong analytical skills, are open to the adventures associated with travelling on a weekly basis and have an ongoing drive for personal development, this could be the career for you.

Chartell are accepting applications across all 3 offices:-

78 York Street


100 Cambridge Street, 14th Floor
MA 02114

Unter den Linden 10
Berlin 10117



  • Have the right to work in either the UK, EU or the USA
  • Strong academic record ideally in a technical field of study
  • Be happy to spend Monday to Thursday away from home, most weeks
  • Be fluent in English, for the German office a working proficiency in German (B2 or above)


  • You are confident in your problem solving and analytical abilities
  • You have an inquisitive mind and are able to understand and explain complex processes in a simple way


  • You are a person practised in getting things done; the sort of person who is dedicated to their to-do list but still able to hit a balance between work and their hobbies
  • You are never happy with the status quo. It is part of your nature to challenge the way things are done, and you have the tenacity to actually go out and make a difference
  • You are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. You are not interested in waiting until tomorrow to get things done and are always looking for ways to achieve your goals faster
  • You are confident and can manage your own time without continuous direction and management


  • You enjoy working with and leading others, even when, at first, others may not want to work with you
  • You are persuasive and can encourage other people to get on board with your ideas
  • Achieving objectives on your own is great, but teaching other people and seeing them achieve their objectives is better
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Essential Skills

Problem Solver Data Analytics Data Modelling Strategic thinker

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