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Who is Explore Consulting for?

We are 100% dedicated to the consulting industry. But we welcome candidates from a range of backgrounds who have an interest in exploring or advancing their career within the field of management consulting. Whether you’re a student, graduate, PhD, or an experienced consultant, we’re here to help bring about opportunities.

Which cities does Explore Consulting cover?

At present we cover all of the UK, but also offer select European based roles. We’re still a new business and do have plans to expand internationally. Watch this space!

Is Explore Consulting free for candidates?

You bet! Hold on to those pounds for the weekend! It’s all upside; no downside! We will never charge candidates for using our platform to land jobs. In fact, when you find a job on Explore Consulting, we'll even send you an Explore Reward Box to say ”Congratulations!”

I’m not actively looking, but I’m potentially open to opportunities; is Explore for me?

The short answer is yes! We’ve designed Explore with passive candidates in mind, so you can remain anonymous and decide when to reveal your full profile. You can even set your profile as invisible to anyone at your current consulting firm should they be licenced on the Explore platform. So why not stay open to opportunity? All that we ask is that you remain responsive to client approaches, even if you are remaining anonymous, or simply ‘switch off’ your profile.