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WIRED is the authority on the trends that are shaping our world, with an unparalleled global network of the world’s leading thinkers, experts and change makers

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Gender Diversity 60% Female employees
Last 2 years
Established 2016

WIRED is the authority on the trends that are shaping our world, with an unparalleled global network of the world’s leading thinkers, experts and change makers

A global authority in anticipating change, we deliver foresight to businesses and organisations all around the globe.

What makes WIRED Consulting unique?

We combine a network of innovators and influencers that is unrivalled in its breadth and depth. We have that access thanks to our world-leading journalists and their research. As a result, we have consistently and correctly anticipated the implications for businesses across the globe.

We bring the WIRED knowledge, network and brand to our clients. Our mission is to enable them to understand the trends that matter, navigate the path ahead and build a sustainable future. In a world impacted by Covid-19, this mission has never been more relevant.

We work with business leaders, innovators, strategists and marketeers. Our bespoke programmes deliver need to know insight and relevant foresight that informs strategy, supports business growth and engages audiences.

Whether you’re looking to understand the workforce of tomorrow, develop future-ready consumer experiences or understand how you can harness technology to build business resilience, we can help you understand what’s possible and navigate the new future.

Here are some of the questions that we help our clients tackle:

  • What are the need to know trends that should feed into our business strategy and planning?
  • How can I prepare for the future and build a more resilient business?
  • How can I ensure that decisions around growth factor in established and emerging trends?
  • How can we position ourselves as a future-focused brand?
  • How can I strengthen customer relationships through engaging content?
  • How can we inspire new thinking and drive change?

Our offer spans four core areas:

1) Leadership programmes: To help leaders navigate the future

2) Thought leadership: To build your brand

3) Insight & Innovation projects: To fuel innovation and guide decision making

4) WIRED Briefings: To educate, inspire and drive change

Founders & Leaders

Catherine Crump Photo

Catherine Crump

Managing Director

Catherine joined WIRED Consulting in 2019 to lead our growing Consulting division, something that sees her connect clients with the power of the WIRED network, anticipate change and future proof their organisations and brands.​In her most recent role, Catherine was CEO of an award-winning Insight and Innovation Consultancy. Prior to that she worked at PwC and Mars.​

Greg Williams Photo

Greg Williams

Editor-in-chief, WIRED

Greg was appointed the Editor of WIRED in January 2017. Prior to this, Williams occupied the position of Deputy Editor, a position he had held since January 2010. Williams was formerly Editor of Arena as well as Executive Editor of Details during time spent in New York. Since joining WIRED, Williams has curated the sellout WIRED Money and Security conferences, and is Editor of the annual trend forecasting WIRED World publication and the 100 Hottest Startups supplement. Williams is a regular speaker on technology trends at international events, and has also had six novels published.

Jon White Photo

Jon White

Client Services Director

Jon is responsible for helping clients understand and get the most out of WIRED Consulting. Jon has 10 years' experience working in the tech startup / scale-up world across numerous sectors, most recently as a Director in executive search. He is passionate about connecting our clients with the WIRED network.

Emma Cowdray Photo

Emma Cowdray

Senior Projects Consultant

Emma designs and oversees bespoke client projects, tailoring activations to best help organisations fulfil their ambitions of understanding the future impact of technology and anticipating change. With an MA in Psychology and Business and training in disruptive strategy, Emma previously worked at Condé Nast Traveller.

City of Tomorrow: Trust in Transformation
Ford Smart Cities. Sixty-eight per cent of the world’s population is predicted to live in cities by 2050. What will be its impact on urban mobility, and how can we shape our urban future for the better?


  • All about excellence. We are the best we can be. Every day. We set the bar high in everything we do and we inspire others to do the same. We push boundaries to deliver unrivalled experiences and phenomenal client outcomes.
  • Always learning. We are curious and we strive to continually build our knowledge. Our growth mindset and future focus keeps us at the edge of the latest trends, supports better decision making and makes us a trusted advisor for our clients.
  • Dynamic. We are fearless and innovative problem solvers. We think and move quickly. We fail fast and learn faster, finding a better way to reach our goal. We adapt to change quickly and pride ourselves on being flexible.
  • In it together. We are greater than the sum of our parts. We build networks, we work collaboratively and we value our people. We bring together clients, partners and colleagues to inspire change.
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