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Grow your sales with digital technologies and marketing.

Team Size 0 - 10
Established 2020

Grow your sales with digital technologies and marketing.

Grow your sales with digital technologies & marketing!

A company which believes that every entrepreneur should have equal chances to use modern digital technologies & marketing to grow revenue and margins.

It requires experience and specialized competencies, which often are not there, and only few businesses can afford hiring a top consultancy to help them. That’s why they struggle with growing their sales internally or can’t even start the change.

Our mission is to help those business executives adopt new technologies & marketing to ensure safe and stable growth.


  • Selection and implementation of digital technologies:
    We will help businesses select and implement the most suitable digital technologies (CRM, websites, marketing automation, e-commerce).
  • Planning and optimizing marketing activities:
    We will verify and help to optimize or plan marketing activities - paid and organic.
  • Defining business processes:
    We will verify and optimize existing business processes for marketing, sales and customer service.

Why work with us?

Throughout 15 years of marketing & sales experience, co-operations with international corporations, and managing global business units, I have noticed there are few consultants on the market able to support companies in increasing sales from A to Z.

That's why I shift and lift my experience and competencies to offer end-to-end support - consulting to implementation. Businesses can focus on company development directions and I will help ensure a safe and stable growth.

Founders & Leaders

Stanisław Karwowski Photo

Stanisław Karwowski


I help great companies grow revenue & margin using digital marketing. Thanks to 15 years of experience in sales and online marketing I solve problems of ineffective digital activities.

This movie present what value VeniDigiVici gives to customers who want to grow their business digitally.