We help the world's leading businesses grow by being more entrepreneurial

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We partner with our clients to create lasting impact. We do this in three ways: Innovation and Growth Strategy, Leadership Development and Insights from global entrepreneur community

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Team Size 0 - 10
Established 2009
Gender Diversity 50% Female Employees
Last 3 years

We partner with our clients to create lasting impact. We do this in three ways: Innovation and Growth Strategy, Leadership Development and Insights from global entrepreneur community

We help our clients to:


Build new ventures and business models that grow revenues.

  • Define the highest value areas to innovate in line with business priorities.
  • With the help of veteran entrepreneurs, use our Venture Sprint to explore needs, generate solutions, leverage existing resources, and develop or reconfigure business models to test with real customers - in as little as a day.
  • Turn the highest potential ideas into prototypes and iterate into viable businesses.
  • Continue to develop opportunities with a system that leverages your communities and our global community of entrepreneurs.


Develop entrepreneurial leaders, mindsets, and culture with unique skills and strategies.

  • Build an entrepreneurial mindset and culture as you work alongside successful entrepreneurs.
  • All our custom programmes develop your leaders through highly interactive, challenging entrepreneurial experiences that provide a platform for reflection, commitment, tailored action plans, and coaching.
  • Learn how to ‘set the stage’ as a leader of innovation, rather than just an innovator.
  • Master other key leadership traits of an entrepreneurial corporate leader, including building and leveraging communities, authentic communication, and creating purpose and alignment.
  • We are experienced at designing highly bespoke programmes and curricula to develop outward-looking, agile, strategic leaders up to and including CEO level.


Build a more innovative, fast-moving, focused organisation.

  • Define and design an effective innovation strategy that's right for your company’s needs.
  • Develop your own 'engine' that fully supports, accelerates, and scales entrepreneurial results.
  • Make innovation real with measurable, accountable targets.
  • Develop the culture, skills, and processes you need to fit your particular focus and reinforce these through our Master Circles.

Founders & Leaders

Hamish Forsyth Photo

Hamish Forsyth

Co-Founder & CEO

Hamish leads OneLeap’s overall development and is responsible for major innovation strategy and capability projects with key FTSE100/F500 clients, often at excom level. Prior to founding OneLeap, Hamish was a senior adviser in the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, consulted independently, and was a lawyer and trade negotiator working on international free trade agreements in China and at the World Trade Organisation.

James Westlake Photo

James Westlake


Leading our growing London team as we help corporates and family-owned businesses to grow through entrepreneurial new ventures. We deploy a unique hybrid model of creative, consulting and entrepreneurial talent to both develop innovate ideas and execute.

Safiya-Mae Lewis Photo

Safiya-Mae Lewis

Head of Operations and Events

Safiya-Mae is OneLeap’s expert at the production and management of high-impact, complex experiences and projects. Safiya creates and organises simulations, community events, and major international programmes with our clients.

Goncalo Torrado Photo

Goncalo Torrado


Gonçalo is a strategist with a broad range of experience in disruptions impacting multiple industries from finance to retail.

Success Stories

Juliet Wagner, P.H.D Photo

Juliet Wagner, P.H.D

Lead Strategist

Juliet advises on innovation strategy, community, and capability design across a range of sectors from finance to higher education and retail. She combines hands-on experience building and developing communities with a rigorous research-driven approach. Since beginning her career with OneLeap in 2016, Juliet has secured two promotions to land her current role as Lead Strategist.