Oaklin is a consultancy that helps leaders solve their most important business problems.

33 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0DQ, UK

Financial Services Strategy

We help our clients by providing the expertise, experience and good judgement they need to change at scale.

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Team Size 50 - 75
Established 2009

We help our clients by providing the expertise, experience and good judgement they need to change at scale.

What we do

All organisations must change to survive and flourish. We help our clients by providing the expertise, experience and good judgement they need to change at scale.

Across a wide range of sectors and organisations, we have built deep functional experience in finance, HR and IT, as well as across procurement, communications and mergers and acquisitions. To this we add our established capabilities, our tool kits for delivering successful change, that enable us to deliver exceptional results regardless of the problem.

At Oaklin, we always want to go one step further. Simply meeting the requirement is not enough, we want to deliver change that is truly exciting. It doesn’t matter if we are designing a programme to shift a market, or delivering an email to change a mind, we are obsessed with outcomes that excite and inspire. It calls for intellect, creativity and a lot of hard work, but it’s what makes a difference, so it’s what we do.

Oaklin was founded to be the ‘antidote to management consultancies'. It was an internal joke at first, but it is now part of our business culture that we are there for clients who don’t like using management consultancies. We work to achieve this by insisting on simple language, by keeping to a flat structure and by the absence of sales targets. This gives us the courage to be honest about when we feel we can contribute to our clients’ plans, and when we can’t.

"From day one, Oaklin was intellectually stimulating while still also being friendly and supportive. I was in at the deep end from the start, and quickly found myself doing the type and variety of work which genuinely challenged me and grew my expertise." -Robin Baines, Consultant

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care deeply about making a positive impact on the world, and understand that we are in a privileged position. We have woven CSR right into the fabric of our firm - last year alone, we partnered with Young Minds to help them understand their routes to market, streamline their operations, and through the "hello yellow" campaign, together we also raised thousands in support of young people's mental health. We have been a proudly carbon neutral business for many years, and continue to look for ways to do more and more as we grow.

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion is one of our four core values. We harness the range of views and backgrounds found within Oaklin for the good of our work, our clients and most importantly, each other. We don’t stop at saying that we value inclusion and diversity, we take action by offering a number of activities that help people feel seen, heard and welcome. These include team meet ups, providing our people a budget to build new skills and a monthly book club.

Founders & Leaders

Dominic Hurndall Photo

Dominic Hurndall


Dom heads up our team in the USA. He helped set up Oaklin in 2009 and established the US office in 2013. He is a graduate of Durham University, has an honours degree in Archaeology and is an alumnus of London Business School. He also spent over six years in the military before starting his consulting career at Accenture. Dom has Board level experience in government departments and FTSE 100 companies. Dom also spends a lot of his time risking his neck racing sailing boats, whenever work allows.

Stephanie Meehan Photo

Stephanie Meehan

Operations Director

Stephanie Meehan is Oaklin’s Operations Director and International Business Coordinator. She is no stranger to consulting having previously worked at Deloitte, Andersen Business Consulting and the Berkeley Partnership. She has a master’s degree in health psychology as well as degrees in psychology and traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Thushari Zain Photo

Thushari Zain

Finance Manager

Thushari Zain is Oaklin’s Finance Manager. She started her career at KPMG Sri Lanka followed by 4 years working within the Telecoms industry. In her spare time, Thushari enjoys creating works of art with her kids. She often gets told off by them for getting too involved in their work. When time permits Thushari likes to explore the scenic splendour of the British country side and enjoys putting her green fingers to use.

Success Stories

Tristram Broady Photo

Tristram Broady

Business Analyst

Tris is one of Oaklin’s Business Analysts recently joining our graduate programme last summer. He graduated last year from the University of Bath where he studied Mechanical Engineering with Manufacturing and Management. Tris has a keen interest in start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses and has worked for a variety of small businesses such as Pashley Cycles whilst studying. He has worked closely with leadership teams to maximise the efficiency of enterprise operations at SMEs and has also supported Oaklin’s internal Operations team before working as a PMO in the energy sector. Tris is involved in Oaklin’s Inclusion & Diversity initiatives and Business Improvement capability.

Nikki Briant Photo

Nikki Briant

Management Consultant

Nikki has experience delivering large-scale complex change programmes across Insurance, Retail Banking and Energy sectors. She has successfully led strategic, operational and technology transformation projects for global FTSE 100 clients. She joined Oaklin after six years with global management consultancies, completing both industry and project management specific qualifications. Nikki brings a proactive and creative approach to deliver flexible, high-impact programmes and projects tailored to the needs of our clients. Outside of work she spends most of her time playing sport, recently representing Great Britain at Tag Rugby.

Who are Oaklin Consulting?
Cat Young introduces us to Oaklin Consulting


  • Genuine: We pride ourselves in being easy to work with; our clients like our friendly and relaxed attitude and the absence of sales targets, and also our absolute zeal to “do the right thing".
  • Exceptional: We always do exceptional work; whether it’s a major client deliverable, or a quick update to colleagues at the monthly meeting, we make everything we do exceptional.
  • Inclusive: Everyone is welcome at Oaklin and takes pride in how they contribute to its success; we value inclusion and equality as much as we do different ideas and perspectives.
  • Team: Everyone is part of the Oaklin team. We all know each other well, we support one another and we work together to ensure Oaklin’s collective expertise is brought to every problem.