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Pharma & Life Sciences Biotech Strategy

We focus exclusively on the pharmaceutical sector, from small biotechs to midpharmas to big pharma

Team Size 0 - 10
Gender Diversity 30% Female employees
Last 3 years

We focus exclusively on the pharmaceutical sector, from small biotechs to midpharmas to big pharma

What we do:


Clarity of action and a focus for investments in technologies, therapeutic areas and territories. We work collaboratively to determine what is important, inspire creative alternatives, and synthesise the essence of what needs to be invested in and why

CORPORATE FOCUS - Create a framework for capital allocation across technologies, therapeutic areas, indications, and geographical footprint

MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY - Decide whether to self-build, partner or acquire to enter a new market or therapeutic area, and why

R&D STRATEGY - Determine how the R&D asset and technology portfolio needs to evolve to fit with the corporate risk appetite and strategy


Re-define and improve the way people, functions and teams work together to suit new competitive and corporate realities

EVOLVED WAYS OF WORKING - Re-imagine and simplify governance bodies, processes, roles and responsibilities, and interfaces

ENRICHED CAPABILITIES - Design the structure and new capability requirements for evolved and new functions or teams

ALIGNED LEADERSHIP - Develop prioritised and aligned implementation plans that are based on a shared understanding of stakeholder requirements and internal perspectives


Select and structure external partnerships for commercialisation or pipeline development. We assess the attractiveness of a company to external partners, and determine who to partner with and how

EXTERNAL GROWTH PLAN - Screen and establish the most complementary external assets and companies to partner with or acquire for corporate growth

EXTERNAL INNOVATION PLAN - Establish the right internal capabilities and external entities to engage with in order to fuel pipeline enrichment

ACCELERATED PARTNERSHIPS - Explore strategic partnership possibilities anonymously with selected companies and introduce those that best fit both parties’ ambitions

Founders & Leaders

John Rountree Photo

John Rountree

Managing Partner

I founded Novasecta because I felt that clients deserved better than anything the consulting industry was offering at the time. I built a team for our clients that now does the best strategy consulting available. For me, best means first a deep and experience-based insight into the dynamics of the pharma/biotech sector, and second a lifelong dedication to the consulting craft of finding thoughtful, creative, bespoke and above all practical solutions for each of our unique and special clients

Andrew Bell Photo

Andrew Bell


I support leaders and teams across the whole pharmaceutical sector on their most important business issues. I work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to understand their motivations and use a structured and systematic approach in developing strategy. With the Novasecta team I am part of a strong group of consultants who work with a range of pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

Brian McGee Photo

Brian McGee


Consultants have a reputation in the pharmaceutical industry of trying to apply generic problem-solving business frameworks, and old thinking to new problems. Novasecta invests heavily in being proper experts on the industry and developing solutions from a position of knowledge and authority. Working at the bleeding edge of such a fast-paced industry means that we work with our clients to solve problems, rather than pretending that we have the answers in a secret black box.

John Gregson Photo

John Gregson


I enjoy working at Novasecta as we take on the most challenging issues that senior leaders in the pharma and biotech industries are facing. We add value by working in partnership with our clients and providing creative, bespoke solutions to their challenges. We challenge each other at the same time as focusing on creating an enjoyable work environment. The work-life balance is a reality here - we don’t just pay lip service to it. We all perform better when there’s time to relax with family and friends and pursue interests outside work.

Julia Nikolic Photo

Julia Nikolic


At Novasecta, the work we do is challenging and our focus and scale gives us the advantage of nimbleness. As a result, each project is dynamic and we can create bespoke solutions for all our clients. We work in a very collaborative environment, leveraging the team’s large breadth of knowledge on the pharmaceutical industry, and while we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I feel privileged to be part of such an experienced and impressive team.

Jonanna Taylor Photo

Jonanna Taylor

Senior Consultant

The breadth of consulting and pharmaceutical industry experience across Novasecta really stands out and, because of our size and focus, clients can trust the right mix of seniority will be involved throughout project delivery. It is fantastic to be around like-minded people who are passionate about this sector, and also around people who are willing to challenge each other so we become even better industry experts.

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