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LTS Health is a globally recognised laboratory performance brand, and a leader in the field of medical laboratory design, consolidation and automation

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Team Size 40 - 50
Established 1998

LTS Health is a globally recognised laboratory performance brand, and a leader in the field of medical laboratory design, consolidation and automation

It's our purpose to help laboratories move the world forward. We are specialists in laboratory performance improvement with allies across the globe. With roots in industrial engineering, we have the natural ability to simplify complex processes. LTS is an established expert in laboratory operations, offering consultant services globally. We see a great future for laboratories. We are building a global consulting business and partnerships that create commercial value for both our clients and ourselves through our unique brand of performance improvement.

We deliver our objectives in line with the LTS Manifesto of values for leadership, culture, strategy and talent. LTS is an established expert in its understanding of laboratory operations, offering consultant services globally. Our project footprint spans more than 40 countries and includes partnerships with international funders. At LTS, it is our mission to help laboratories move the world forward, and the work we do ensures that laboratories can deliver better quality service while reducing cost, increasing revenue and improving turnaround time.

Founders & Leaders

Wilhelm Boshoff Photo

Wilhelm Boshoff

Chair & Founder

Wilhelm is a founding member and chair of LTS Health (1998) and, most recently, the entrepreneur behind LabVine™ and Power of Process Professional®, which are offshoots of LTS Health. As an industrial engineer, he has dedicated the past 24 years to laboratory performance improvement and the development of services and solutions that impact the bottom-line. he has served on many advisory boards with speaking engagements all over the world. As demonstrated, he remains passionate about laboratories and the role they play in the quality of life.

Menno Schagen Photo

Menno Schagen

Chief Executive Officer

Meno is the CEO: Europe & Middle East and lab design director at LTS Health. He is a professional industrial engineer with 16 years industry experience. His key skills include business processes re-engineering, laboratory performance improvement, facility design and implementation management in the healthcare environment. His current domestic and international projects include the consolidation, design and implementation of pathology and diagnostic services and research laboratories as well as workforce modelling in the laboratory environment.

Su-anrie Aucamp Photo

Su-anrie Aucamp

Principal Consultant

Su-anrie is an experienced principal consultant working in the healthcare sector. The projects that she has completed over the past eight years have given her a strong understanding of laboratory performance management and enabled her to understand the healthcare environment. She is a critical member of the laboratory design team and has completed several laboratory projects from design to construction and implementation. She is a skilled consultant in the field of biocontainment BSL-3 facilities and is responsible for facility assessment, detail design, design review, technical specifications, professional team co-ordination and day to day project management

Fred Kloren Photo

Fred Kloren

Principal Consultant

As a principal consultant Fred is responsible for project management as well as management and training of a team of industrial engineers working on different projects, building lasting relationships with senior management, partners and vendors engagement with clients in the manufacturing industry, and determine the needs and design production processes that meet requirements to ensure client satisfaction. He has been exposed to a great variety of the different manufacturing sectors. He works closely with stakeholders and managing cross-functional project teams in business process re-engineering, process re-design, and business/technology integration programs and projects.

Laboratory Consolidation by Numbers — United Kingdom
Consolidation is a topic that garners a lot of attention in the United Kingdom — and in particular, NHS England. Chris Fourie, CEO of LTS Health UK, looks at the current state of the pathology and evaluates the critical trends shaping the future of the industry.
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