A new consultancy created for the sole purpose of offering accessible and affordable strategy to mid-size organisations

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LiveStrategy has applied Blue Ocean strategy methodology to traditional strategy to create accessible, affordable programs tailored to SMEs using skills developed in the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500

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Established 2015

LiveStrategy has applied Blue Ocean strategy methodology to traditional strategy to create accessible, affordable programs tailored to SMEs using skills developed in the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500

LiveStrategy bespoke programs deliver results faster and more cost effectively. They raise the level of engagement throughout the organisation and deepen understanding, improving execution and flexibility.

Using a top down/bottom up approach, combined with a rigorous method, ensures you leverage the talent and resources in your business to continuously capture market opportunities.

Strategy, leadership development and team building are seen as expensive luxuries for SMEs but as absolute necessities by the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500. We believe that is why FTSE firms are often able to maintain the’ growth gap’ when all the innovation and most of the GDP and tax is generated by SMEs.

We clearly live strategy and the process of emergence, realignment, implementation and execution. Our mission is to find the best way of helping you to live your strategy, see it succeed and adapt it in response to market conditions. You will always have our support and together we build a unified, focused team with the skills, experience and attitude to continuously improve your organisation’s performance.

We will build our relationship with you by agreeing your best approach to strategy adjustment, emergence, execution and ongoing refinement. Building a team to deliver your strategy at the same time as planning creates a team capable of being able to:

  • Identify
  • Synthesise
  • Adapt
  • Leverage

Founders & Leaders

Paul Winter Photo

Paul Winter


aul Winter is a former President of the Management Consultant’s Association (MCA). After holding a number of management and leadership positions in property, venture capital and B2B services, Paul founded and developed the concept and business model of LiveStrategy of which he is now CEO. Paul has the honour of being a visiting professor of strategic management at Oxford Brookes University where he shares his industry insight with budding strategists. Having learned much from all of these organisations he has concluded that the essentials of great strategy lies in the hearts and minds of the executive leadership group. No doubt, the contemporary analytics represent new areas for leverage. The ultimate goal is to make strategy building and renewing more affordable, more accessible and easier to execute. Paul has a particular commitment to smaller/mid-size organisations and professional institutions.

Andrew Crowley Photo

Andrew Crowley

Equity Partner

Andrew is an experienced board executive who throughout his career has built, acquired and led UK, European and International Management Consulting and professional services organisations. Andrew has recently joined LiveStrategy as an equity partner to further accelerate its commitment to working with clients in the SME sector. His passion is to work with Senior Executives who are embarking on programmes of significant change including acquisition, reinvention or significant operational improvement, and within these strategies ensure that the transformational role of technology is clearly considered as an integral component of the strategy and operating model going forwards. Andrew was President of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) 2007/08 and continues to work closely with other member organisations to further promote the value and contribution of the UK Management Consulting Industry.

Martin Gammon Photo

Martin Gammon

Strategy Partner

Martin’s career included a twelve-year period in which he set up, grew and then sold two companies before joining OCS Group where he became Chief Executive Officer – UK & Europe, running a £500m plus business with over 27,000 staff in a very competitive market. He has extensive experience in the business services sector and now brings his insights to support a range of companies in a consulting and non-executive capacity.

The Challenge of Building Strategy in a Dynamic World and the Importance of High Productivity
Kurban Kassam award-winning film producer (The Party 2017), interviews Paul Winter about his new model for business strategy and its contribution towards greater productivity.
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