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IMPOWER is the country’s largest independent consultancy focussed exclusively on delivering better public services

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Team Size 75 - 100
Established 2000

IMPOWER is the country’s largest independent consultancy focussed exclusively on delivering better public services

IMPOWER is not an off-the-shelf consulting company. Since 2000, we have worked exclusively within the public sector to solve complex social problems by changing behaviours. We recognise that re-designing public services requires deeper citizen insight, stronger relationships and better collaboration. Our in-depth knowledge of the public sector and our understanding of the complexities faced in delivering high quality services with shrinking budgets has enabled us to deliver real results for our clients.

IMPOWER is now the country’s largest independent consultancy focusing on change and transformation across all local public services. Our success stems from our distinctive approach that combines a deep knowledge of the public sector with a genuine commitment to better outcomes for those accessing public services.

IMPOWER exists to increase the quality of citizens’ lives by making meaningful and measurable improvements to local public services. We use EDGEWORK to understand complex problems and deliver sustainable change. We have shown that better outcomes cost less.

MPOWER’s contribution to a fairer and more compassionate society is to increase the quality of citizens’ lives by making meaningful and measurable improvements to local public services, making the best use of the public pound, and with a particular focus on the most vulnerable in our communities.

In achieving this, we want to be the largest and most respected management consultancy working exclusively to improve local public services, and a great company to work for. Public services can be effective, affordable and sustainable; the key is understanding complexity. Our unique approach to solving complex problems combines insight, innovation, a discovery mindset and a genuine commitment to better outcomes. It is called EDGEWORK.

EDGEWORK enables us and our clients to move beyond the conventional ways of seeing a problem. By redefining the edges of systems, we have changed behaviours, shaped public demand and improved outcomes while reducing costs.

Our Team

IMPOWER is a growing team of innovators and change motivators, who use behavioural insight to transform public service delivery. We work with some of the largest and most innovative public services in the country, so this is an opportunity to create high impact, sustainable change.

Founders & Leaders

Pooven Maduramuthu Photo

Pooven Maduramuthu

Chief Executive

Dr Pooven Maduramuthu joined IMPOWER from Atos where, as Health Vice President, he developed and implemented a health strategy focussed on improving patient care through digital technology. Under his leadership, the Atos Health Consultancy team worked with the One London programme to better integrate care across London STPs, with Medway NHS Foundation Trust to completely reconfigure its clinical processes to improve productivity and reduce dependency on paper, and most recently were awarded a multi-year engagement with NHS England on the Global Digital Exemplar programme.

Jon Ainger Photo

Jon Ainger


Jon started his career with the CBI, working in a number of policy development roles, before moving to Andersen Consulting where he worked on strategy with a wide range of private and public sector clients. Having developed a passion for public services reform, he spent six months on secondment at the Cabinet Office before joining IMPOWER in September 2000. Jon pioneered our innovative work on demand management and behaviour change, and led the development of the IMPOWER INDEX. Jon enjoys mixed metaphors, eggcorns and malapropisms and is keeping a record of the best examples from his travels in local government.

Ebony Hughes Photo

Ebony Hughes


A qualified accountant, Ebony joined IMPOWER in 2011 wanting to apply her consulting skillset in a dedicated public services environment – and has never looked back. With a background in financial advisory services, she has extensive experience in shaping and supporting transformation in some of the most complex environments across local government. Ebony believes that councils should take an outcomes-driven approach to financial sustainability, and enjoys helping leaders to surface and tackle the real obstacles to positive and lasting change. Outside of work Ebony can usually be found indulging her love of good food, or out and about on adventures with her family.

Olly Swann Photo

Olly Swann


Starting his career with the Department for Work and Pensions, Olly worked in a range of operational and change roles in the South and North East of England. On leaving the Civil Service, Olly moved into Local Government with West Sussex County Council, as part of their corporate change team. Olly joined IMPOWER as a Senior Consultant in 2008, as a direct result of his experience as an IMPOWER client. Since then, he has worked with a long list of local authorities, helping them to reframe service delivery, manage demand more effectively and deliver better outcomes. Outside of work Olly is a qualified football coach, live music fan, sailor and cyclist.

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  • Finalists: Best use of thought Leadership with Hertfordshire County Council, MCA, 2019
  • Finalists: Change and Transformation in the public sector with Ealing Borough Council, MCA, 2019
  • Finalists: Thought Leader Consultant of the Year – Jon Ainger, MCA, 2019
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