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We are a software development company based in south London with a passion for business efficiency enhancement for our clients, via smart application of automation techniques

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Team Size 75 - 100
Established 2007

We are a software development company based in south London with a passion for business efficiency enhancement for our clients, via smart application of automation techniques

WHY Geeks?

Our clients are ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs in different industries who can think of new ways for solving a problem or enhancing one more aspect of their industry by leveraging software technology.

Our clients choose us because of our passion for technology and our obsession to make it work for their business. They love our curiosity when discussing their requirement and our persistence in finding the right solution to their problems. We are very proud to be part of their journey.

How do we approach tech?

As technologists with strong software delivery heritage, at Geeks, we create strategies, design roadmaps, and implement software projects that help to deliver our clients' overall business plans.

At Geeks, we continuously challenge the status quo and re-define software development to make it more automated, faster, more reliable, smarter and more fun. We empower our clients to imagine more and innovate more.

Our mission at Geeks is to be the Dependable Technology Partner for Ambitious Businesses, and through that, help make life better for everybody.

This is all possible thanks to our brilliant team, and the array of innovative technologies which we have won many awards for, including the "Queens Awards for Enterprise: Innovation"​.

What we have done?

We have worked as technology partner across different sectors including hundreds of growing SMEs as well as some innovative projects for the Houses of Parliament, BBC, Royal College of GPs, Harrods, Easyjet, Council of Europe.

Most of the projects that we take on are:

  • Tech maturity assessment and developing Tech Strategy Plan that is in-line with your business plans
  • Requirement & scope Analysis and prototyping
  • Software development and maintenance
  • Complex & bespoke process efficiency solutions
  • Systems integration design and development
  • Application of emerging technologies in business

At Geeks we are fanatical about quality and getting things right the first time achieve this by using mature coding standards, standardised technical architecture, test-driven development and regular code reviews. When we deliver your application, you will never have to start again regardless of how much your requirements change.

We have attained Gold Certified Microsoft Partnership level which represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies as well as our close working relationship with Microsoft. At this level we have been granted access to exclusive Microsoft resources and support, access to the Partner Knowledge Base, and many other advantages which contribute to our capacity to meet our clients needs.

Founders & Leaders

Somayeh Aghnia Photo

Somayeh Aghnia

Chairman and CEO

As a technology strategist and CEO, with a strong software delivery heritage, Somayeh leads Geeks in helping 100s of Senior Business Leaders to develop technology strategies that enable their business plans. Geeks creates technology roadmaps for them that are deliverable, measurable and result driven and implement these changes with a focus on involving internal & external stakeholders to build a thriving digital-first culture. She is super passionate about solving problems and realising opportunities through smart application of technology. You will feel that passion throughout engagement with Geeks, even when she is not present in meetings. Somayeh is also a big believer in people, their development and their contributions. On a daily basis she spends time identifying, coaching and developing talent around me, inside or outside Geeks.

Paymon Khamooshi Photo

Paymon Khamooshi

Chairman and CEO

Paymon is a co-founder and chairman at Geeks Ltd, one of the most innovative software development companies in London, where he’s led creation of a set of cutting-edge tools and technologies that speed up enterprise software development by 4X. With these tools and technologies and a team of bright developers, Geeks has successfully delivered innovative software projects for 100s of organisations with exceptional efficiency. He has won many awards with Geeks, including the Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation for impacting the process of digital delivery and for enabling hundreds of organisations to become more productive. Prior to co-founding Geeks, Paymon was a Systems Developer where he was responsible for assisting the web project delivery teams with effective implementation of the latest .NET technologies.

Matt Mehrjardi Photo

Matt Mehrjardi

Chief Technology Officer

Matt is the Chief Technology Officer at Geeks. He is responsible for developing and leading the technical vision for Geeks, strategic product/services development, sustainable technical competitive advantage, presenting the company's technical vision and road map, and enable the use of technology profitably internally and externally. He is an intense, driving, results-oriented self-starter whose sense of urgency is tempered and disciplined by a concern for the accuracy and quality of the work. Matt is obsessed with learning, innovation, creativity and automation, continuously monitoring, studying and investigating new technology to empower Geeks to help its clients to build the impactful digital transformation roadmap and adopt the right technologies.

Olga Kaminskaya Photo

Olga Kaminskaya

Commercial Ops Manager

Olga is the Commercial Ops Manager at Geeks. She is managing the commercial team for efficient and impactful engagement with prospects and clients, implementing & monitoring commercial initiatives and working closely with the CEO and senior leadership team to implement the business vision. Her engaging and empathetic communication style, based on natural warmth and enthusiasm, probably is the first thing you will notice when you meet me. This combined with result-oriented management skills that she has developed as a project manager, the passion that she has for technology and automation as a "geek" and the strong analytical skills that she has developed while studying law has led her to the commercial operations management at Geeks.

Working at Geeks Ltd | London's Top Software Development Company
Learn what it's like to work at Geeks Ltd, a software development company based in south London. Imagine a work environment that values integrity, enthusiasm and innovation, where you get a chance to do great work, alongside some of the brightest people you have ever met. We reward ambition, technical excellence and professionalism. But at the same time, we take fun very seriously, with lots of games and events, free drinks, breakfast, fruits, ... in a friendly and energetic environment.


  • Diverse environment
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Merit-based employment


  • Outstanding Innovation, Global Business Excellence Awards, 2017
  • Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation, UK Government, 2014
  • UK Digital Experience Award, UK Customer Experience Awards, 2014
  • Best Business Innovation, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), 2014
  • Best Innovation, Best Business Awards, 2012
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