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We help companies with their biggest challenges – market strategies, regulatory reviews, competition inquiries and we help governments design innovative policies and regulatory systems

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Team Size 300 - 400
Established 1999

We help companies with their biggest challenges – market strategies, regulatory reviews, competition inquiries and we help governments design innovative policies and regulatory systems

Our goal was to build a new kind of consulting firm with economics at its heart, and with stability and sustainability as its benchmarks of success. We help high-profile companies all over the world with their biggest challenges – market strategies, regulatory reviews, competition inquiries. And we help governments design innovative policies and regulatory systems. We chose values that were tough to achieve and based on what we care about. They motivate us to work in the right way and to do the right things for clients, and they encourage debate.

Economics is (nearly) everywhere and the economist’s toolkit is large. Clients are surprised at the breadth of our work. Not just the costs of supply, movements in demand, pricing and competitive dynamics. But we are also experts in finance, statistical modelling, game theory, market research and even the psychological side of economics. And we’ve worked in almost every sector imaginable, from fertilisers and oil rigs to handbags and iPads.

In some sectors, economics is so critical that we’ve also built specialist knowledge. Our powerful tools and sector knowledge are valuable. But we try not to stop there. Making an impact for clients means understanding the issues, whether it’s the commercial reality of the business; what is really driving customer behaviour; or the political context. We are also aware that our clients want clear and simple advice, from people they trust. So we place a lot of emphasis on our communications, and on human relationships. We provide complex analysis but plain language – English, German, French or Spanish.

Our reports are often used in legal proceedings and so our evidential standards are high. We never “write to order”. Our work is respected because we are independent and obsessive about the truth.

We are a firm with a diverse workforce spread across different countries, encompassing many cultures and outlooks. We want to reflect and embrace the power of diversity and cultural difference in everything we do for our clients and through our internal work. We are an inclusive workplace where people are free to be who they want to be and able to bring their true selves into the workplace. We will be bold, visible and proactive to make sure that Frontier is and continues to be a workplace that embraces diversity.


Frontier is an economics consultancy with a difference. We provide analytical expertise on a vast range of high-profile and intellectually-challenging projects. We apply our economic toolkit to help clients solve complex problems. Our analysis may also be complex, but we provide clear and honest advice to clients using plain language. All of our employees own a share of the company so we all have a say in how it is run. Come and join a unique place to work, where your career is in your hands. We solve some of the most interesting problems in economics. To do that successfully means looking beyond the obvious, delivering thorough and refreshingly clear advice with intelligence and sensitivity.

It’s the unique way we are owned and run by the people who work here that makes us different. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas. All employees have the opportunity to say how things should be run and how we can put those ideas into practice. If you think you’d be good at planning an event, do it. Maybe you think you’d be a good trainer – go for it. Working at Frontier is as much about being open as it is about being smart. Curiosity and open-mindedness is as valuable as in-depth knowledge.

Founders & Leaders

Simon Gaysford Photo

Simon Gaysford


Simon is a Director and founding member of Frontier Economics. He has been helping clients for over 20 years on issues relating to competitive dynamics, understanding and influencing consumer behaviour, and market evolution. His work is used by clients in devising commercial strategies, dealing with competition or regulatory authorities and interactions with government. He is also experienced at providing expert testimony to courts and arbitration proceedings. Simon’s work focuses mainly on consumer goods markets, particularly in retail and financial services, and his recent clients include Tesco, Lloyds Banking Group, Channel 4 and HMRC.

Phil Maggs Photo

Phil Maggs


Phil has over 15 years’ experience in economics consulting and has advised clients in a wide range of sectors from retail and financial services, to network utilities as well as regulators and government departments. Much of his work focuses on the economics of consumer-facing businesses, tackling issues such as pricing design, marketing effectiveness, customer insights, performance measurement and proposition design. Prior to joining Frontier, Phil worked in other consultancies and as an academic researcher. He has a degree in economics from the University of Bristol and a Masters from the University of Oxford.

Phil Burns Photo

Phil Burns


Phil has been a Director at Frontier Economics since 1999, and provides regulatory, competition, valuation and strategy advice to companies, industry associations, regulators and government departments across a number of sectors. His work on monopoly regulation, both for clients and in published papers, extends across price cap and sliding scale regulation, yardstick competition, finance issues, comparative efficiency measurement and incentive design. He has worked on many price control reviews across Europe, and in all the major energy price control reviews in the UK since privatisation. He has also analysed the competitive dynamics of contestable utility markets in the energy and postal sectors. Phil brings this experience to bear to assist clients contemplating acquisitions and other strategic initiatives.

Matthew Bell Photo

Matthew Bell


Matthew Bell is a Director and jointly leads Frontier’s Public Policy Practice. He has been helping clients for over 20 years on the design of effective policies, including cost-benefit analysis, impact assessment, policy design, behavioural research and quantitative modelling. He has worked extensively on healthcare, climate change and environmental issues; as well as on industrial policy, education, housing and criminal justice. His work has focused on the UK but he has offered expert advice to Governments in over 20 countries on all continents. From 2014 to 2017 he was the Chief Executive of the UK Committee on Climate Change.

Frontier Economics: 20 years of moving with the times
A short film MerchantCantos produced to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Frontier Economics. A new kind of consulting firm, one with economics at its heart, and with stability and sustainability as its benchmarks of success.


  • Uncompromising thinking – we deliver exceptional work with integrity and objectivity
  • Looking beyond the obvious – we think more widely than the immediate question, and deliver more than expected
  • A refreshing experience – we’re smart and friendly people who communicate complex ideas with clarity


  • Vault Consulting Top 25 Europe,, 2019
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