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We deliver a full range of communication services from public relations, public affairs, crisis management and content marketing to video, design, digital marketing and website development

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Team Size 50 - 75
Established 1997

We deliver a full range of communication services from public relations, public affairs, crisis management and content marketing to video, design, digital marketing and website development

While the way we run campaigns has evolved since the early days, there are some absolutes that haven’t changed. We’ve stayed true to our values of only working with organisations who do good things. And we’re proud to continue to work with some great brands including the NHS, Welsh Government, Thompsons Solicitors and Unite the Union.

Our clients tend to be with us for the long-haul, because we care in the same way they do. It’s Freshwater’s people who’ve made all this happen. By embracing new technologies. Challenging the tried and tested. And developing endless new ideas and solutions.

It’s also these personalities that add creativity and innovative thinking to campaigns. We build long-term relationships with clients. We become an extension of their teams. And we continuously look to improve, innovate and challenge the status quo.

Because of our values, people tend to stick around too. Our first employee is still part of the team today, and we’re proud to have industry- beating staff and client retention rates.

As a company, we have a genuine desire to make a positive difference. We always give best advice and do what is right. We let results do the talking. And while winning awards is great, delighting clients is the ultimate reward.

Freshwater’s story is one of its people. We hope you’ll be part of the next chapter.


It’s not just results that matter at Freshwater – people do too. Ensuring our team feels supported, valued, challenged and respected is not only the right thing to do, it’s what enables us to grow and thrive as an agency. People don’t just choose to join Freshwater – they choose to stay. For over seven years on average. Why? We believe it’s rooted in a genuine commitment to offering careers that allow people to explore their potential, and to flourish.

We have a clear talent plan which links directly with individual performance reviews, that has seen many members of our team rise through the ranks. That’s pretty unusual (and we think impressive) in our industry.

Founders & Leaders

Angharad Neagle Photo

Angharad Neagle

Chief Executive

Angharad leads Freshwater’s diverse and talented teams. She ensures we consistently exceed the high expectations of quality and creativity we set for ourselves as an agency, and which clients have come to expect over the last two decades. Joining Freshwater in February 2008, following a career spanning the police, local government and a number of PR and marketing agencies, Angharad was promoted to Director of the group’s creative division in September 2009. She went on to become the Group Managing Director in September 2013, taking operational responsibility for all client-facing teams, and was appointed to the Freshwater Board in October 2014. Having worked in communications for more than 20 years, Angharad has a track record of developing communications strategies that build reputations, change attitudes, shift behaviour, and drive sales.

John Underwood Photo

John Underwood

Executive Director

John is an experienced communications professional with extensive crisis, issues management and transformation expertise, primarily within the public sector. He has spent more than two decades leading strategic consultancy teams, and helping to deliver large-scale programmes of change. Formerly an award-winning TV journalist, John covered national and international news stories for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITN, and later became ITN’s Home Affairs Correspondent. In the early 1990s, he was the Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Labour Party, guiding the party’s local, national and European election strategy. John later founded Clear Consultancy, building it into one of the UK’s leading specialist healthcare agencies before merging it into the Freshwater group in 2006. John joined the Freshwater Board that year and later became its Chief Executive.

Haydn Evans Photo

Haydn Evans

Finance Director

Haydn has been the Finance Director of Freshwater and held a position on the Board since 2003. He brings more than 30 years’ experience as a finance professional to his role, which includes responsibility for all aspects of financial control and reporting, management of the group’s IT, systems and facilities requirements, and all shareholder and investor matters. Prior to joining Freshwater, Haydn worked extensively across the telecommunication sector in both the UK and France, holding several senior finance positions, and leading teams across Europe and Canada. He oversaw large-scale capital projects, major factory re-organisations, and the acquisition and sale of several businesses. During his time at Freshwater, Haydn has overseen multiple acquisitions, the completion o an IPO in 2007 when the company listed on AIM.

Elinor Dafydd Photo

Elinor Dafydd


Elinor has nearly a decade’s experience in the communications industry gained working at national charity, Comic Relief and in two Welsh communications agencies. Elinor currently leads Freshwater’s digital team and is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of digital strategies for clients. Elinor leads a team of digital specialists with expertise across a range of digital services including digital strategy, digital advertising, website management and search engine optimisation. With a wealth of experience in gathering and interpreting insight from analytics, Elinor oversees content teams, designers, developers, and marketers to ensure digital channels are used to best meet clients’ objectives. Elinor has managed complex website redevelopment projects for a number of clients including Unite the Union and Thompsons Solicitors.

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  • Delivering excellence - we are continuously looking to improve, innovate and challenge the status quo to achieve as an agency and for our clients
  • Achieving collaboratively - we adopt a best-team approach to bring together people with the right skills and experience to deliver for each and every client
  • Building relationships - we have industry-beating staff and client retention rates, achieved through openness and mutual respect
  • Displaying integrity - we choose to work with organisations who do good things and take pride in being honest with clients, and a fair and ethical employer
  • Embracing diversity - we embrace the different experiences, ideas, skills and interests that make up our team. And we welcome a diverse pool of clients too
  • Projecting passion - we care about what we do and genuinely want to make a positive impact. Our passion gives us drive and commitment to engage, inspire and succeed


  • UK'S Leading Management Consultants, Financial Times, 2018-2019
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