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First Consulting is a rapidly growing, no-nonsense consultancy organisation with a passion for operational processes

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Team Size 200 - 300
Established 2017

First Consulting is a rapidly growing, no-nonsense consultancy organisation with a passion for operational processes

First Consulting is a fast-growing consultancy with a passion for business processes. We guide and support clients in improving their operational performance. Our clients operate in a range of industries such as infrastructure, telecommunications, banking and insurance, retail and energy.

Although we work in a range of industries, our success stems from our sharp and dedicated consultants who tackle every problem with a unique and effective approach. Our people are highly skilled in the translation of strategy to realisation: creating innovative solutions with a set of pragmatic actions to roll out. Whether it be within process, technology or change, our team of dedicated consultants will always deliver excellent results.

Our goal is to improve the operational performance of our clients whilst reducing their cost base. We are active in the utilities, telecommunications, and financial services sectors.

We don’t operate from a remote headquarters, but at our client’s offices, in all layers of the organisation. Through working side-by-side with our clients, we are able to form a deep understanding of the total process landscape and its performance. We distinguish ourselves by combining in depth process and system knowledge with operational delivery rigour.


We believe that smart and simple business processes form the basis for optimal operations. In close collaborating with our clients, we assess their business processes using different techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, Process Mining, RPA and Data Visualisation; only applying tools and techniques where they deliver value for the customer.


We use IT to make business processes transparent and optimise their flow. We work according to Agile Scrum, for faster software development, lower development and maintenance costs, improved data quality, and optimal customer engagement. Our Technology consultants work on advanced solutions within agile application development, reporting & analytics, data quality & migrations, and financial asset management. While doing so, we cooperate closely with our software partners Mendix, Spatial Eye, Yellowfin, and Informatica.


We acknowledge the importance of the human and organisational side of process changes, and ensure sufficient attention is given to these elements in every project. This leads to better insight to organisational bottlenecks, unambiguous and structured communication, increased involvement, commitment, understanding and embedding of change.


At First we understand that real growth and learning happens on the job. Our consultancy model means a constant supply of varied projects, and your learning is further supported by a tailored programme of training sessions and your own development plan. A culture of honest feedback helps you and everyone else to further accelerate your own practice. Personal development at First is the complete package.

We are not organised in strict departments, sectors or specialities. At First Consulting, everyone is a consultant: free to move between process, technology and change. Besides that, you’re also free to move between clients and different sectors. This way, you can keep growing and excel in the area that suits you the most. For every project we bring together the right people and create a team that is optimised in tackling specific issues. This variation in teams makes sure that everyone knows each other and fosters a close bond between all our colleagues. This is something our clients also really appreciate.

Founders & Leaders

Jonathan Nelmes Photo

Jonathan Nelmes

Managing Director

Jon is the Managing Director at First Consulting. He is helping prominent organisations improve their organisational performance, through adapting process, technology, and organisational aspects. He has a long-standing track record of working across leading organisations, with a particular focus on the utilities sector - electricity, gas, water and nuclear - where he has helped clients through large and small scale transformation.

Jorrit Stegenga Photo

Jorrit Stegenga

Senior Manager

Jorrit is a Senior Manager at First Consulting. He has broad experience in delivering sustainable Process and Technology improvements in Legal Services, Utilities, Telecom, Supply Chain, Oil & Gas. Fluent in English and Dutch. Interested in solving complex Strategic and Operational problems as well as driving the implementation of solutions in a collaborative environment, focussing on people and the changes they face.

Introduction to First Consulting


  • No-nonsense - consulting that we carry out
  • Sharp - approach allows us to always ask the right questions
  • Daring - always asking the questions that no one dares to ask
  • Trust - that we have between our clients and consultants
  • Fun - that we have
  • Together - when we share our triumphs and challenges
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