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Crowder Consulting provides innovative engineering consultancy services and software solutions to the water industry, specialising in water supply, water distribution and sewer networks

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Team Size 75 - 100
Established 1985

Crowder Consulting provides innovative engineering consultancy services and software solutions to the water industry, specialising in water supply, water distribution and sewer networks

We have positioned ourselves in specialist areas of the water industry, namely in the fields of water supply, water distribution and sewer networks. Our Water Supply & Network Distribution experience covers planning, analysis, design, support and fieldwork. The areas of expertise include leakage/NRW management, customer side services, hydraulic modelling, capital maintenance, network improvement and strategic planning. Our Sewer Networks experience covers planning, analysis, fieldwork surveys, modelling and support. Recent activities comprise surveys and analysis of customer drainage and sewer network ancillaries for regulatory aspects of blockages and pollution.

We have substantial experience with many water utility clients in analysing, mapping, interfacing and integrating very large volumes of corporate systems data. These systems include GIS, customer billing, customer contacts, work management, asset management, water quality, SCADA, telemetry and proprietary logging systems (e.g. Halma, Primayer, Technolog, SEBA, i2O, OSI-PI).

The development of our Netbase water distribution management system is fully integrated with the areas of our consultancy expertise. It is used on consultancy projects and when the system is implemented for clients; our consultancy services have a significant role in these projects. With over 30 years of experience, we provide a range of services to numerous major water service providers, supporting their journey towards Smart Networks. Our core product is Netbase, a Water Network Management System which represents a water operator’s water supply and distribution network, with all associated date series, spatial and time series data.

Netbase provides the current operational and monitored status of the water network and supports a wide range of network management, non-revenue water, operational performance and modelling activities. As a multi-user system, Netbase fully supports multiple users on the local network and through remote access. The system is fully spatial and incorporates the ILOG GIS component enabling spatial analysis and maps, but can also be implemented as non-spatial, using the hierarchy of network areas to navigate around the database.

In addition to Netbase, we are equipped to provide a wide range of services to the water industry, including hydraulic modelling, leakage detection, asset management and planning, data logging, water efficiency initiatives and various data services

Founders & Leaders

George Crowder Photo

George Crowder

Managing Director

George is a chartered civil engineer and the founder of Crowder Consulting. He has led the development of the consultancy and the Netbase system to its present capability and leads the future direction of the business.

Tom Crowder Photo

Tom Crowder


Tom holds an executive MBA and is a chartered manager. He leads the consultancy team responsible for international Netbase implementation and NRW projects. He acts as client manager for networks and leakage management consultancy work with UK water companies.

Dilraj Dhillon Photo

Dilraj Dhillon


Dilraj is an engineer and is a chartered environmentalist. He leads a consultancy team providing services for UK water companies in network and leakage management, hydraulic modelling, Netbase upgrade and support projects.

Gillian Sowden Photo

Gillian Sowden


Gillian is a chartered civil engineer and leads both water and sewer network projects for UK and international clients. She has the role of Development Director of the Netbase system, overseeing the development leaders.

Sharif Elnagar ( Crowder Consulting ) Creating Water Network Schematics from GIS
Sharif Elnagar, Associate Director at Crowder Consulting, speaking during the i3dataservices event at Bradford Academy on 3rd April 2014.


  • Water Industry Achievement Awards 2017

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