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Strategy Business Intelligence

We specialise in strategy consulting, assessing and building business plans, identifying market opportunities and due diligence.

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Team Size 100 - 150
Established 1986
Gender Diversity 33% Female Employees

We specialise in strategy consulting, assessing and building business plans, identifying market opportunities and due diligence.

About Us

CIL is an international management consultancy with offices in the US and Europe. We provide strategy consulting and due diligence support to management teams and investors, helping them to grow their businesses, build value and invest wisely.

Our teams go beyond market data, leveraging real understanding of their sectors to provide clear, actionable insight. We are rigorous in our approach, confident in our conclusions and expert at what we do.

Our Services

We specialise in strategy consulting, assessing and building business plans, identifying market opportunities and due diligence.

  • Management support
    Advising management teams with their key strategic and operational decisions; from what strategy to pursue to how to deliver it.
  • Investor advice
    Assisting investors throughout the investment process, identifying opportunities, advising on investment decisions and supporting post-deal.
  • Advanced analytics
    We leverage advanced analytics to help our clients transform business data into a strategic asset.

Our Sectors

CIL works across all industries. We have specific expertise in particular sectors, which allows us to bring in-depth knowledge and understanding to help our clients invest in growth.

  • Built Environment - We study a range of services and products that go into the built environment to allow our clients to prioritise and focus on the growth segments, locally and internationally.
  • Business and Support Services - Through our privileged position of analysing a wide range of business models, we can benchmark performance on a cross-sector basis, allowing us to advise management teams and investors on a business’s key sources of differentiation.
  • Consumer, Retail and Leisure - We help investors and consumer-facing businesses understand and navigate the highly dynamic retail and leisure landscape.
  • Financial Services - Financial services value chains and operations can be highly complex. We undertake rigorous analysis to understand this complexity, enabling us to provide clarity on the key commercial realities of financial services businesses.
  • Health, Care and Education - We help health, care and education (“HCE”) organisations contend with regulated and sensitive markets, funding challenges, and how to operate alongside the public sector.
  • Industrial Products and Services - As industrial businesses continually evolve their value proposition across a global landscape, we help them look to the future, better capture their addressable market, and develop strategies to improve their competitive advantages.
  • Media - We help financial and strategic investors identify growth opportunities in content, technology and services along the media value chain.
  • Technology - We have the privilege of working with some of the most thriving and innovative technology businesses. This experience, combined with our network of industry experts, enables us to bring clarity to what can be a complex sector and identify strategies for profitable growth.

Social Impact and Sustainability

It is in line with our core values – excellence, integrity and supportiveness – to consider the impact of our business within wider society, and our potential as engaged citizens to contribute meaningfully through partnerships and pro bono work.


We recruit curious, quietly confident people at all career stages.

Regardless of whether you are looking to join us straight after graduating from a top-tier university or business school, move across from another leading consultancy or transition from industry, we offer interesting engagements, rapid progression and industry-leading career development.

We employ inquisitive self-starters so that new joiners can make a significant contribution to projects and solve client problems from day one.

We are committed to building an open and diverse workforce where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive. We also have a strong focus on social impact and sustainability.

CIL’s vibrant alumni programme strives to support our colleagues throughout their careers, providing them with access to exclusive events, career advice and mentoring opportunities.

What We Look For

  • Strong academic background (we are degree agnostic) from a world-class university.
  • Intellectual horsepower and curiosity for solving business problems.
  • An appetite for testing themselves and using past mistakes as a springboard to keep improving.
  • Motivation and ambition, ability to stand on their own two feet.
  • Strong team working and people skills.
  • Outstanding numeracy, written and verbal communication skills.
  • Humility and quiet self-confidence – we are not an ‘alpha’ environment.
  • A keen sense of humour and broad shoulders.

Founders & Leaders

Tabitha Elwes Photo

Tabitha Elwes


Tabitha is a partner at CIL and leads its media practice, which covers consumer and business media, advertising and marketing, media technology and sport. She is a specialist in media strategy and business development helping players across the value chain address the strategic and financial challenges of convergence. Her work covers strategic, financial, regulatory and operational issues with a focus on production, broadcasting, pay TV, digital media, changing consumer behaviour, advertising dynamics and PSB issues.

Giles Johnson Photo

Giles Johnson

Managing Partner

Giles is CIL’s managing partner and leads its health, care and education practice. He has over 20 years’ experience as a management consultant. He has significant experience working for acute hospitals, community health services, social and elderly care, children’s care and education, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, consumables and support services such as staffing, IT and informatics. Giles has a BA in Politics from Bristol University and sits on the fundraising board of Missing People.

Tom Fletcher Photo

Tom Fletcher


Tom is a partner at CIL and leads its technology practice. He has over 15 years’ experience as a management consultant. Tom has extensive experience from working on a broad range of technology businesses. He holds a BSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Southampton.

Axel Leichum Photo

Axel Leichum


Axel is a partner at CIL and leads its North American operations. He has over 20 years’ experience as a management consultant. He has a focus on supporting corporates and investors with business planning, market studies, pricing strategies and commercial due diligence. Axel received his MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and holds a BA in Economics with departmental honors from Northwestern University.

Alex Marshall Photo

Alex Marshall


Alex is a partner at CIL and leads its financial and business services practices. He has over 20 years’ experience in consulting. Alex has worked in numerous verticals within financial services, including lending, insurance, wealth management and payments. Within business services, Alex has covered professional services, human capital, BPO, property services, logistics and document management. Alex has an MA in Languages from the University of Cambridge and is a keen musician.

Liam McGuinness Photo

Liam McGuinness


Liam is a partner at CIL and leads its consumer practice. He has substantial experience in the sector, with expertise in consumer products, food and beverage, leisure businesses and travel and tourism. Recent clients include businesses in beauty products, holiday parks, toy manufacturing, hair and beauty salons, sports nutrition and fitness training. He has a first-class degree in Business Administration from Bath University.

Success Stories

Luke Seward Rowell Photo

Luke Seward Rowell

Associate Director

Luke started his career at CIL Management Consultants as an Analyst, in 2013, and during his seven years at the company has secured four promotions to attain his current role as Associate Director. "My role as an Associate Director makes me responsible for winning and leading multiple projects with teams of between 4 and 7 people, producing high quality and comprehensive reports to meet the needs of our clients. Work streams typically include a primary research programme, in-depth secondary research, financial modelling, market sizing and business plan analysis."


  • Excellence: We are consistent in our pursuit of excellence and always work to the highest standards. We recruit outstanding people with a growth mindset. We support and develop our teams with coaching, mentoring and training. We have built a substantial bank of knowledge and intellectual property. We have honed processes to ensure we deliver clients’ needs efficiently. Our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Integrity: Our success is built on trust and we operate to the highest standards of integrity. Clients give us access to their businesses, staff and customers, and rely on our analysis and conclusions. We treat this trust as a privilege and are fastidious in protecting client interests. Integrity that earns us the trust of our clients and our people is at the centre of our processes and our culture.
  • Supportiveness: We are supportive to work with and for. We listen to, and collaborate with, our clients. We build a deep understanding of their needs. We want both our clients and our people to grow, thrive and to fulfil their potential. We are collaborative, hard-working and flexible. We employ a diverse team of exceptional individuals that gain real-world exposure and work on interesting and varied engagements.


  • Unquote British Private Equity Awards 2020: Winner
  • Commercial Due Diligence Provider of the Year 2019 - British Private Equity Awards
  • Transactional Consultants of the Year 2017 - HealthInvestor Awards
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