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Chaucer is more than a digital transformation consultancy; we are people-focused catalysts for accelerated change

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Team Size 200 - 300
Established 1987

Chaucer is more than a digital transformation consultancy; we are people-focused catalysts for accelerated change

Real world, real work, and real value, that’s the Chaucer commitment on every transformation we do. We deliver good-sense, human-centred strategies, that produce the results you need. We understand the possibilities can seem endless. Challenges are complex, technology ever evolving, and business goals pressurised and diverse. Working with you, your people, your partners, and business leaders – we will give your transformation real focus, to make sure the right possible is achieved.

Successful digital transformation is much more than how you use technology to deliver what you do faster, cheaper and better. Although technology is a key enabler, success only comes through a people-centric approach. By putting people at the heart of your transformation, we break down barriers to change, accelerate the evolution of a more agile and innovative culture and enable new ways of working. The path to successful transformation begins with aligning all areas of your organisation with a shared goal; becoming a Digital Enterprise. Only organisations that learn to continuously evolve and transform can remain competitive amid today’s reality of continuous and disruptive change.

To become a true digital enterprise, we help you transform beyond a technology focus, developing your culture, evolving your strategy and operating models, to create new value for your customers, employees, shareholders and wider society. Every client’s journey is unique. To help you take the next step, we assess your digital maturity and provide a tailored blend of services that are right for you.

By analysing your current operating model in line with your business strategy and taking insights from industry best practice, we work with your leadership teams to design and implement a new operating model that will enable your strategy and bring new agile ways of working by creating a compelling digital vision and strategy with an operating model to enable it, defining new organisational structures and digital ways of working, including agile, and enabling continuous transformation through skills and capability development.


Our people are an important and valued part of a rapidly growing, progressive consulting business that awards autonomy and provides the ability to shape careers across digital transformation without the confines of rigid hierarchy and process. Every employee is empowered to make a real difference. Our people uphold the family values that are the backbone of Chaucer and provide valuable expertise. You bring who you are to the table. Bringing together our expertise, our personality and our modern family values defines the Chaucer brand. We embrace diversity, we welcome unconventional backgrounds and we love passion, enthusiasm and selflessness.  Attitude is everything.

Founders & Leaders

Deborah Young Photo

Deborah Young

Managing Director

Deborah is a Managing Director at Chaucer. She is experienced in business turnaround strategy delivery and execution, thrived at building business with people in heart, growth mindset, emerging technologies and creative culture.

Martin Wassell Photo

Martin Wassell

Group Managing Director

Martin is the Group Managing Director at Chaucer. As a CEO/Group Managing Director, he has a 25+ year track record developing people based consulting companies to be top performers in terms of growth and EBITDA.

Chris Laslett Photo

Chris Laslett


Chris is the Chief Executive Officer of Chaucer. He has a wealth of experience in innovation management, digital strategy, technology and data. He overseas Chaucer that prides in handling many clients including global leaders in highly regulated industries and new digital challengers.

Tim Cray Photo

Tim Cray

Executive Partner

Tim is an Executive Partner and Chaucer. He has spent the last 30 years working on business strategy and the management of I.T., and most recently through Chaucer and Virtrium, helping businesses and IT leadership teams drive I.T. to deliver greater value,

Ed Dennehy Photo

Ed Dennehy

Executive Partner

Ed is an Executive Partner at Chaucer. He is an expert in creating value from digital transformation and data to improve lives.

Natalia Sokolova Photo

Natalia Sokolova

Partner - Central Government

Natalia is a Partner at Chaucer Group. She is an outcome focused leader who has continuously demonstrated various leadership styles to embrace change. Natalia is a dynamic, entrepreneurial professional who has a collaborative approach and a clear understanding of the impacts of wider business and market changes on business.

Chaucer's Approach to GDPR
Richard Thwaite, Partner – Chaucer Digital, brings over 30 years of experience, including as CTO of the Metropolitan Police and UBS. Hit play to hear his thoughts about the best way to reach compliance and how Chaucer can support that journey.


  • Chaucer delivers consulting services in an outcome oriented way
  • We drive excellence through collaboration.
  • We are flexible in our approach, aware of disrupters, the latest tools and techniques and ready to innovate to make sure our Clients get the best possible outcomes


  • UK's Leading Management Consultants, Financial Times, 2020
  • SWOOP Award for Outstanding Collaborative Performance, SWOOP, 2020
  • UK's Leading Management Consultants, Financial Times, 2019
  • MCA Management Awards, MCA, 2018
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