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A rapidly growing Operations Consulting firm, combining structured methodology, client engagement and problem solving

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We have worked with over 200 manufacturing organisations and are experts at uncovering the substantial hidden potential in their operations.

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Team Size 40 - 50
Last 3 years
Established 2013

We have worked with over 200 manufacturing organisations and are experts at uncovering the substantial hidden potential in their operations.

Despite years of industry investment with Continuous Improvement and Lean there remains a great untapped reserve of opportunity in our organisations. Our clients trust us to uncover this potential and to deliver sustained, step change in the financial performance of their manufacturing operations.

Founders & Leaders

Ewald Van Ravenswaay Photo

Ewald Van Ravenswaay


I have over 10 years’ experience helping clients to achieve breakthrough improvements in operational performance. My background is in mechanical engineering, and I have worked to keep my industry experience broad, including consumer goods, chemicals, fashion, construction and food.

Andy Redfern Photo

Andy Redfern


I started my career as an engineer for Nuclear Electric and in 2001 co-founded a global operations consultancy. In the two years prior to founding Chartwell, I was the CEO of Lightning Aerospace and led the company turnaround. Overall, I have over 19 years’ experience as a consultant to top multi-national businesses.

Adrian Howe Photo

Adrian Howe


Over my career I have built up a broad range of global consulting and industry experience, most recently as the Production Director at an international consumer goods company. I have a strong track record in helping companies to achieve profit and performance since I started my consulting career in 1994.

Jake Nelson Photo

Jake Nelson


My career comprises over 12 years’ experience within the manufacturing, industrial and service sectors, where I have lead over 50 improvement programs. My expertise is in delivering high impact projects within high value industries, particularly those dealing with advanced technologies.

Mike George Photo

Mike George


I have spent more than 14 years working with manufacturing companies ranging in size from $500MM to $15B to help them save tens of millions and drive capital-free, capacity expansion to meet growing demand. My industry experience includes food & beverage, paper & packaging and healthcare.

Chartwell's Introduction Video
Meet some of our employees and find out what a typical week in the life of a Chartwell consultant is like, plus find out what makes career progression at Chartwell different to other consultancies.


  • IMPACT - We're always aspiring to achieve more and increase our leverage
  • LEADERSHIP - We will inspire others to want to join us on our journey
  • VISION - We will share our clarity of purpose and encourage others to do the same
  • INITIATIVE - We believe in getting on and making things happen; a bias for action
  • RESPECT - We empathise and value the perspective of everyone we deal with
  • ENGAGEMENT - When something is worth doing we will be proactive and take ownership
  • FACTS - We will find the necessary facts to make good judgements
  • INTEGRITY - Our relationships are built on honesty, trust and openness
  • LEARNING - We are continually seeking to learn and innovate
  • DEDICATION - We commit our energy to the success of our clients, our firms and ourselves
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