We help businesses change faster than the world around them

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We supercharge teams for.... Change, Disruption, Growth, Reinvention, Transformation.... the FUTURE

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Team Size 20 - 30
Gender Diversity 50% Female employees

We supercharge teams for.... Change, Disruption, Growth, Reinvention, Transformation.... the FUTURE

Businesses that change faster than the world outside have 3 common qualities...

Executive teams - A purpose-driven strategy in 40 words that is living in the business

Leadership teams - Pulling hard and in the same direction

Frontline teams - A culture of rapid continuous improvement

We’ve spent the last 4 years putting together a hybrid team to bring a unique blend of creative energy, commercial edge and human insight. Our methodology means that we realise the full potential of all three


Assess - Get under the skin of what is going on and what it will take to get to where you need to be

Architect - Design the human journey and the provocative experiences needed to shift mindsets and behaviours

Argue - Create the environment and facilitate breakthrough conversations that challenge the team to align and commit to action

Accelerate - Set the team up to move at pace together, drive action and take people with them

Founders & Leaders

Atif Shiek Photo

Atif Shiek


A supercharged team I have been a part of........ I worked for 17 years on a summer school for 16 year olds from where I grew up in inner city northwest London. Our key aim was to give them a chance to explore their aspirations, take on the unfamiliar and build self-belief. My biggest lesson? The power of community. The biggest predictor of individual success year in year out was whether groups from rival schools became one team in support of one another. If everyone supported each other, challenged each other - confidence became infectious. It was incredible to witness the newfound courage that was unleashed in every individual to take more on.

Darren Ashby Photo

Darren Ashby


A supercharged team I have been a part of........ Once upon a time I laid cricket pitches for a living. It was a niche business and our team were really good at it. The work required precision, pace and raw physical effort. Each of us knew exactly what needed to happen and in what order, and our own roles in achieving this. I’ll never forget the satisfaction of laying 100s of tons of loam in a day with a team who had put everything into it.

Hanna Wrelton Photo

Hanna Wrelton

People Director

Business Highlights....... Leading a global team through the design, development and delivery of a global career pathing app to support talent movement across a large grouping of acquired organisations, including truly learning what ‘agile’ really means! Was proud to launch a flagship Women in Leadership programme, an iconic step in the company’s D&I agenda.

Kate Thompson Photo

Kate Thompson

Practice Director

Why I love what I do....... It's never been harder to spot the signals of market change, or to see where within this complexity, opportunity lies. I'm drawn to the big, strategic questions facing today's businesses. I love helping groups of people establish thinking architecture that cuts through the issues, and presents them with both powerful solutions and the stories that bring others on the journey.

Kirsty Osborne Photo

Kirsty Osborne

Practice Director

A supercharged team I have been a part of... Playing hockey at an international level was both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. It’s a fantastic honour to represent your country, however that comes with a responsibility to not let them down. When performing at the highest level, it was imperative that everyone had complete clarity on their roles within the team, gave critical feedback but also encouraged and supported one another to drive the group towards success.

Sophie Greville Baring


A supercharged team I have been a part of..... I was part of the leadership team at ?What If! that brought it through the 2008 financial crisis and made it stronger. We stayed very tight, we moved at speed and we did what we had to do with integrity. What made it work was complete trust in one another, and constant communication and discussion about whether we were doing the right thing in the right way. The biggest lesson for my work at Businessfourzero is that teams are tested most when the going is tough.

Theo Keane Photo

Theo Keane

Client Development Director

A supercharged team I have been a part of..... A team of 10 friends cycled 112 miles through the night from Hackney to the Suffolk coast on the Dunwich Dynamo. We were a tight pack, communicated brilliantly, rotating the single file so everyone had a chance to lead from the front. We paused at key moments to let all of the team catch up, arriving together on the beach at 6am. It was about overcoming the challenge together, focused on a single goal, and most importantly having each others’ backs on hairy A roads in the early hours.

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