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We are an international, integrated consultancy of engineers, consultants and advisers

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Team Size 500+
Established 1976
Gender Diversity 30% Female partners
Operating Profit increase in 2018/19 FY on the prior year

We are an international, integrated consultancy of engineers, consultants and advisers

We are an interconnected community of engineering consultants, advisors and specialists that bring to bear cutting-edge integrated thinking, best practice, and strident creativity to make a project vision viable, whether that vision is for a building, a neighbourhood or an entire city. Through integrated thinking and a truly interdisciplinary, interconnected community of passionate experts, we create transformative outcomes for clients and communities alike.

Our founder, Sir Ted Happold, believed that it was out of the different skills and bodies of knowledge we have across our firm that the quality of what we do really emerges. This culture of collaboration and respect is as strong today as ever and drives us to deliver elegant solutions that leave a positive lasting legacy for the communities we work in and the environment. We value human wellbeing, embrace mutual responsibility and understand that a sustainable future is intrinsic to the economic and social impact of our work.

We believe it's vitally important that as an international team of professionals we practice broader and deeper thinking with an understanding of the future. We see it as our responsibility to make a positive impact on our built environment. For over 40 years we’ve been building our reputation for delivering creative, value led building and city solutions for an ever changing world.


We strive to offer our employees a real purpose at work; to be part of a global community that is shaping the future of our built environment. Our employees are challenged to solve the major problems facing societies today and together we are proud to deliver elegant and sustainable solutions for our buildings and cities. We've worked on some iconic projects including, the Millennium Dome, the High Line Park in New York, the 2012 Olympic Park and its subsequent urban regeneration into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We welcome employees from all backgrounds who share our values and want a fulfilling career.

Founders & Leaders

Neil Squibbs Photo

Neil Squibbs

Chief Executive Officer

After starting his Buro Happold career in Bath, Neil went on to help establish and run our first office outside the UK in Riyadh. He returned to the UK to lead the design of the Al Faisaliah Complex and 267 metre tower, Saudi Arabia’s and Buro Happold’s first skyscraper. Returning to the UK to work in the newly formed London office for three years and then back to Bath, his ability to expand our business and his talented leadership skills were recognised in 2000 when he was appointed as a Partner and subsequently a member of Buro Happold’s Global Executive Board. In 2016 Neil became UK Managing Director, bringing the offices together under a common leadership – making it client focused, organised to serve clients and delivering projects in the most efficient way possible. In 2018 Neil was appointed CEO, leading Buro Happold’s 1,800 strong workforce in over 23 countries.

James Bruce Photo

James Bruce

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

James is Buro Happold’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer, responsible for leading and providing direction for the practice’s finance, IT, operations, marketing and systems functions. A qualified accountant, with a BSc and FCA, James brings a proven track record of delivering strong profitable growth through technical strength, diligence, and a tremendous work ethic. James’ role involves working closely with our CEO, Neil Squibbs, and the Global Executive, to develop and execute the overall operational targets for the business, and drive their successful delivery against our strategy, annual plans and objectives. Prior to joining Buro Happold, James was CFO/COO at Landor, a subsidiary of the multinational advertising and marketing company WPP group, where he also held a number of executive/finance roles during his tenure.

Dr Sarah Prichard Photo

Dr Sarah Prichard

UK Managing Director

Sarah joined Buro Happold in the Bath office as a Trinity College Dublin graduate in January 2001. Having completed her PhD on the response of concrete to impact, she decided to put what she had learnt into practice and ‘build things!’. Working for Buro Happold over the last 17 years has presented Sarah with many opportunities to pursue this calling and she regards herself as uniquely lucky to have worked on several challenging technical projects that have developed and honed her skills as an engineer. She is one of the practice’s leaders in the field of building vibrations and dynamics, and consults widely in this area, particularly on mixed use, transport stations, sports structures, hospitals and laboratories projects. During her time at Buro Happold, Sarah has developed a passion for the delivery of multidisciplinary projects across several sectors.

Alan Harbinson Photo

Alan Harbinson

Managing Director - Cities

Alan has over 25 years experience in civil engineering covering both public and private sector consultancy work from the masterplanning stage to implementation. He is the Managing Director of Buro Happold cities business which has a global reach focused out of five key cities. He sits on the global executive representing the cities group and works primarily from the Bath and London offices. Alan was responsible for the establishment of Buro Happold’s cities group in 2014. The formation of the group saw the merging of Buro Happold consulting and infrastructure groups to create a more integrated offer to our clients. Since its formation the group has been able to compliment and reinforce its due diligence, planning and economic work with engineering knowledge that clearly identifies the real risks and opportunities on both infrastructure and development projects.

Buro Happold Digital Twins Service Offering
A Digital Twin is a digital replica of a physical entity. It is a bridge between the physical and digital world, turning disparate data into a virtual reality, pushing the boundary of geospatial representation. Digital Twins revolve around the collection of data – both past and present – and applying it to monitor the performance of physical assets in real time. Using data in this way enables us to predict future scenarios, identify potential issues and rectify them before they occur.


  • We value human wellbeing, and are discontented with limitations
  • We are a diverse, one-firm culture
  • We embrace mutual responsibility
  • We are more than a business
  • Sustainability is intrinsic to the economic and social impact of our work
  • It takes courage to create


  • Best Building Consultancy (over 1000 employees), CIBSE, 2018
  • Best Building Performance Consultancy, CIBSE, 2018
  • The Top 100 Undergraduate Employers 2017 - 2018, Rate My Placement, 2018
  • The Most Popular Graduate Employers, The Guardian UK 300, 2016-2017
  • The Top 100 Undergraduate Employers 2016–2017, Rate My Placement, 2016
  • 2016 SoPHE Young Engineer’s Award, SoPHE, 2016
  • New Civil Engineer Graduate of the Year 2016, New Civil Engineer, 2016

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