We help public services tackle messy problems, co-delivering effective change

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Public Sector Agile Coaching

Basis helps public services, NGOs and charities to tackle messy problems through consulting, training and facilitation

Team Size 10 - 20
Established 1993

Basis helps public services, NGOs and charities to tackle messy problems through consulting, training and facilitation

We pioneered the use of Agile as a means of transforming services in the public sector. In the last 10 years we’ve helped hundreds of services to improve outcomes for real people, quickly.

We use Agile, Adaptive and Service Design approaches to delivering and creating sustainable change and innovation.

After merging with RedQuadrant in 2014, Basis spun off in 2016 to focus on enabling organisations to develop true cultures of continuous improvement and innovation at all levels.

We want to end the era of slash & burn, and salami slicing budget approaches in the public sector so we offer alternative approaches. Yes, we also get the savings, but we do this through genuine improvements for clients and employees. We unlock the potential of your employees, help your team work better, and ensure that transformation will last. Then you won’t need us in the future.

Our passion is for helping organisations improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in society. Whether it's online or in-person, we help design better services for homeless people, to ensure young people thrive and that older people can live independently for longer. We work on the things that really matter. We think our work is honourable and important.

For us, consulting doesn’t mean having all the answers. We bring together people who feel the pain of a service not working well to understand the problem they are facing, to design solutions and to put them into practice. We facilitate, we coach and we teach.

Our agile service transformation programme is widely regarded as the most effective training programme in the public sector. Rather than ‘death by PowerPoint’, delegates are given just enough theory to test out what they’ve learnt in a simulated environment. Testing their new skills in practice ensures the learning sticks.

We’ve partnered with THE online facilitation experts, ReesMcCann to develop a new programme of training aimed at helping teams to develop the skills they need to continue to do great work online. Regardless of whether you’re trying to figure out how to keep your team motivated or want to learn how to run truly engaging remote workshops, we’ve got you covered.

Founders & Leaders

Dennis Vergne Photo

Dennis Vergne

Managing Partner

Dennis Verge has a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks; turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours. Originally from Holland, most of his work has been within the British public sector, ranging from over thirty local authorities, the NHS, probation services and central government.

Matt Barnaby Photo

Matt Barnaby


Matt Barnaby has been doing Agile, Service Design and Prototyping for many years now, all over the world. It's a way of working that really excites him. What really makes him tick is knowing that he helps people to deliver better services that improve people’s lives.

Max Goodall Photo

Max Goodall


Max is a Consultant at Basis. Before joining Basis, Max worked on developing adequate and affordable housing in Europe and on achieving effective people-centred children’s social care services in Greater Manchester. He is driven by a need to make sense of complex ideas and thrive on translating these into practice to improve people’s lives.

Izzie Hurrell Photo

Izzie Hurrell

Public Sector Consultancy and Agile Project Management

Izzie is a Public Sector Consultancy and Agile Project Management at Basis. She is an experienced Consultant, Project Manager, Scrum Master and facilitator of change in Public Services. She is a Certified Agile Master in Public Services from the Public Service Transformation Academy (PSTA).

Joseph Badman Photo

Joseph Badman

Managing Consultant

Richard J. Torseth Photo

Richard J. Torseth


Basis Online Consulting and Facilitation
Online consulting and facilitation skills should go beyond the ability to use Zoom break-outs or run a Webinar. You can engage and enable true project collaboration. The programme designed by Basis and ReesMcCann, the experts in this field, accelerates these online skills in three modules - totalling 8 hours of intensive engaged training.


  • UK's Leading Management Consultants, FT, 2019-2020
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