Aquarius Population Health

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Healthcare Clinical Efficiency

Our independent research delivers key insight to drive evidence-based decision making in healthcare delivery and patient care.

Team Size 0 - 10
Established 2012
Gender Diversity 89% Female Team Members

Our independent research delivers key insight to drive evidence-based decision making in healthcare delivery and patient care.

Aquarius deliver outstanding health economics consultancy and research to enable better healthcare decision-making.

Making the best choices in healthcare can be difficult and confusing. We develop creative ways to explore problems and provide the insight a company needs. At Aquarius Population Health, we like to make things simple.

Our strengths range from economic evaluation including costing studies, budget impact models, Markov and dynamic modelling, to patient-level statistical analyses, qualitative research, HTA submissions and medical writing. We can design easy-to-use costing and modelling tools, and we have worked across a wide range of disease areas. We work with pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, academia, charities, government and the NHS both in the UK and internationally.

Our philosophy is, whatever the size, complexity or nature of a question, we will help to find the right answer.

Aquarius Expertise

The Aquarius team is ready to take on our client’s challenges to support their success.

We create highly innovative solutions to generate answers when they are most needed. This means creating compelling evidence throughout a product’s life-cycle from idea conception, development and commercialisation, through to increasing market penetration.

We develop the right evidence for our clients to communicate the unmet need for and to demonstrate the health and economic benefits of their products. Our clients’ customers can then gain a more comprehensive understanding of the true value of their products, as opposed to focusing solely on the acquisition price. Our work delivers a clear value narrative supported by robust independent data.

To achieve success, we often combine a blended approach of consultancy and research for our projects. Once we understand the core problem or need, we design a methodology that best answers it. We have five key areas of expertise and offer additional support services for epidemiological studies, service evaluation, and clinical research.

We aim to:

  • Put enhancing people’s health and well-being at the centre of what we do
  • Support innovation and adoption of healthcare products and services
  • Develop insight from complex data while communicating ideas in a meaningful way to diverse audiences
  • Be flexible and responsive to our clients’ evolving needs
  • Use creative approaches in seeking solutions, and always consider the bigger picture and goals
  • Seek collaborations and partnerships to promote the best project outcomes


Collaboration and respect are at the forefront of our ethos. We have found that when the whole team is engaged in critically thinking through problems, questioning results, and brainstorming solutions, we achieve insightful and robust outputs. We work with the best and brightest people from around the globe; our international team is encouraged to voice their different perspectives on problems, and that broad knowledge base leads to inspired, innovative solutions.

Founders & Leaders

Elisabeth Adams Photo

Elisabeth Adams

Managing Director and Founder

Elisabeth was brought up in the US, but travelled widely from a young age to pursue her love of medicine, science, and a challenge. This led her to Micronesia to study dengue outbreaks, Peru to analyse sexual health interventions, and across the UK to work on projects to benefit the National Health Service. Her broad background gives her a global perspective on health. She founded Aquarius Population Health in response to her passion for generating robust research at pace, and making it accessible to her academic, clinical, policy-making and industry colleagues.

Dr Susie Huntington Photo

Dr Susie Huntington


Susie has a PhD in Epidemiology from University College London. Through data linkage of two large studies she examined the health outcomes of women living with HIV prescribed antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy. She has previously worked in Public Health for local government (Islington and Camden).

Tam De Lacey Photo

Tam De Lacey


Tam has a Masters in Health Economics from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. He joins with two years consulting experience in economics and policy from PwC, with a focus on health policy analysis. He is interested in health economic modelling and contributing analysis to solve the complex and unique challenges facing the health sector today.