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Agility in Mind is a business agility transformation consultancy

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Agility in Mind is a leading business agility transformation consultancy, helping organisations to address the threats and opportunities that today’s competitive world brings

Team Size 10 - 20
Established 2010

Agility in Mind is a leading business agility transformation consultancy, helping organisations to address the threats and opportunities that today’s competitive world brings

Through our services – which include Agile Transformation, Agile Coaching and Agile Training – we work with our customers to achieve Business Agility Transformation.

Using agile principles and practices as an enabler for change, our goal is to provide clients with a competitive advantage and improved commercial performance.

What makes Agility in Mind different from other consultancies is our commitment not to land and expand, but to focus on people and teams. Business agility depends on the effectiveness of individuals and teams within an organisation. We advise, coach and train people at all levels, and don’t shy away from the messages we need to deliver to effect change.

Our business agility consultancy team are knowledgeable and experienced practitioners who like to see change happen. Our aim is always to build capability and confidence, to avoid dependencies upon us, and to create a culture of continuous improvement.

We deliver consulting, coaching and training to teams and individuals all around the world, working with businesses and organisations of all sizes, including high profile multinationals. We take pride in building great relationships with all of our customers.

Join the Team

It’s all about people: matching the aspirations and skills of unique individuals with the opportunities to make a difference to our client organisations – we exist to help our clients shift their culture and outpace their competitors. At the heart of Agility in Mind is the belief that we are most effective and rewarded when we collaborate in teams, which are made up of people with their special skills, strengths and, of course weaknesses. There’s never a defined hole which we need someone to fit, but we are always on the lookout for people who want to excel and shape opportunities to fit their unique profile.

Founders & Leaders

Andrew Jones Photo

Andrew Jones

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In leading the Agility in Mind team, Andrew brings focus to the needs of our existing and potential clients and ensures we have our own strategic framework to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. He provides the environment and support our team, as experts in their field, need to deliver the best service possible to our clients. By formulating new propositions, establishing new service lines and securing new clients, Andrew provides leadership from the front. This is built on a career in technology from software engineer, business management and consulting across all sectors. The greatest reward for Andrew is seeing the efforts of the Agility in Mind team result in competitive advantage for our clients.

Paul Grew Photo

Paul Grew

Head of Consultancy

Paul is the Head of Consultancy, leading the coaching practice as well as providing hands-on coaching to several of our clients. Paul’s coaching is deep-rooted in his passion as a 2nd Dan black belt martial arts instructor, having discovered the secrets of successful martial arts equally apply to agile teams: focus on the basics; train hard and constantly strive for improvement. Paul started his career as a software developer in intelligent algorithms to command and control systems. He later worked in various leadership positions from scrum master, software development manager, programme director and further broadened his domain experience in the telecoms and pharmaceutical industries.

Edward Scotcher Photo

Edward Scotcher

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ed is a leading digital product delivery transformation expert, agile coach, speaker and author who helps organisations improve the way they work by removing the obstacles that get in the way of delivery. He specialises in Lean & agile coaching, training and consulting with a particular emphasis on helping senior teams navigate business change in an effective and sustainable way. Ed’s hands-on approach brings depth and colour to the practical application of the theoretical, helping organisations, teams and individuals develop the confidence to take ownership of the adoption of new ways of working.

Duncan Evans Photo

Duncan Evans

Head of Training

Duncan is the Head of Training, using his experience as an agile project manager, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and scrum master. He has a proven track record for delivering high quality products, using these skills to help others build better products as a consultant, coach and trainer. While working as a project manager his focus was to ensure relevant, valuable products were developed by facilitating decision making at regular intervals. Now leading the development of Agility in Mind’s training services, Duncan creates and delivers new content, trains our clients across the world, on-site and through the Live Virtual Classroom.

Michelle Meakin Photo

Michelle Meakin

Business Services Director

Michelle was once described as the glue that holds the team together and as such, tries hard to live up to expectations. She enjoys a challenge, helping people, making and consuming gin! With a background in business management and administration, Michelle thrives when very busy in a role that provides a lot of variety, so working at Agility in Mind is perfect for her. Prior to joining the team, Michelle worked for various sized organisations, spent over a decade in the education sector and spent a year working in the USA.

Jess Edwards Photo

Jess Edwards

Admin and Marketing Assistant

Jess has a background in retail and has been working in the industry for the last decade. She has specialised in retail management and has developed skills in order to develop a team and lead from the front. During her time in retail, Jess studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University completing a degree in Marketing Management. She believes that continuous learning is key in order to develop personally and professionally. Jess has a keen eye for detail, and she enjoys being creative in her spare time by spending time on personal crafts.

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  • We do the right things for the right reasons
  • We have respect for individuals and organisations
  • We work collaboratively to find a better way
  • We focus on getting products delivered
  • We value honesty and integrity, based on trust and transparency


  • UK's Leading Management Consultants, FT, 2020
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