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Adaptive was founded in 2012 when four industry experts recognised that real-time technology is fundamentally changing businesses within the financial, capital and commodities markets

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Team Size 150 - 200
Established 2012

Adaptive was founded in 2012 when four industry experts recognised that real-time technology is fundamentally changing businesses within the financial, capital and commodities markets

Real-time e-commerce is fundamentally changing the way business is conducted within financial services, capital and commodity markets. These systems are complex and need the very best people and intellectual property to deliver. This is Adaptive; a financial software consultancy providing deep technological and business domain expertise that can transform businesses.

Adaptive was founded in 2012 with the purpose of solving challenging business problems, leveraging the latest technologies and working together with clients in a professional and collaborative environment.

Transforming Business Through Technology

We work with leading investment banks and commodities companies to improve their competitiveness. Whether it’s designing, building or operating e-commerce web-based platforms; bespoke, scalable and flexible real-time distribution software integrated with your existing technologies; upgrading legacy systems to lightning-fast reactive platforms with stunning user interfaces; migrating systems from local hosting to the cloud; or sharing our expertise on how to optimise existing technology.

Adaptive’s architectural approach combines high performance, scalability and resiliency with high development velocity, to deliver using best-in-class technologies which are battle-hardened and ideal for mission-critical solutions.

We’re agile and we listen. No matter how complex the project, we get the job done and always deliver what’s best for you.

Founders & Leaders

Janhavi Dadarkar Photo

Janhavi Dadarkar

Chair of the Board of Directors

In Janhavi, Adaptive boasts a Chair of the board who brings a wealth of experience in governance, strategy and risk mitigation. A former corporate media lawyer from DLA Piper, one of the largest global law firms and current Governance programme lead at the Institute of Directors, her deep strategic insight and knowledge of governance for high growth and international markets ensures the board is balanced between deep industry knowledge and a breadth of skills to enable Adaptive to continue its success story. She holds a portfolio of NED and advisory positions and is a regular media commentator and conference speaker.

Matteo Cassina Photo

Matteo Cassina

Non-Executive Director

In Matteo, we have a solid financial services professional with international experience in the industry for over two decades. After working at a number of big banks including BNP Paribas, he joined Goldman Sachs as Head of Prime Access SM, supporting the needs of the first wave of Fintech players across EMEA. He subsequently moved to Merrill Lynch as Head of Total Trader SM. Later on, he served as President of Citadel Securities Europe, before joining SAXO bank where he was CEO (UK), member of the board of Directors (France), and member of the global executive committee of Saxo Bank (Copenhagen) where he run the bank’s 27 offices around the world.

Matt Barrett Photo

Matt Barrett

Co-Founder and CEO

Matt has been working in technology as a software developer since 2005. In 2011 he was lucky enough to find himself on a team of incredibly talented individuals, and had the most rewarding professional experience of his life. Matt and his co-founders at Adaptive started the company with the idea of keeping that atmosphere going. An atmosphere that rewards talented engineers, working on difficult problems through openness and collaboration. In short, software delivery as a team effort! At Adaptive we build real time trading systems, and are relentless about improving how we do it. We believe that the best development is done when everyone understands the business context, and the why of what we are doing

Olivier Deheurles Photo

Olivier Deheurles

Co-Founder and CTO

Olivier has been involved in the delivery of financial and commodity eTrading and eCommerce systems for more than 10 years and he is convinced all asset classes will be traded electronically, more transparently, more efficiently and with a better user experience for customers. AI is disrupting and will gradually replace trading desks. Voice channels will be replaced by bots (AI again) and richer real-time eCommerce platforms. Blockchains will disrupt back office and settlement but that will take time, Banks do not really know what their mainframes are doing anymore. His dream is to apply the style of architectures built in finance to other industries, realtime systems are much more efficient and provide a better user experience.

Adaptive: Unlocking the Power of the Collaborative Financial Desktop
Matt Barrett, CEO and Riko Eksteen, Head of Desktop Strategy at Adaptive Financial Consulting presents on the importance of collaborative financial desktop.
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