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Actica Consulting is an independent firm providing business and technical service to the UK public sector and related organisations

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Team Size 100 - 150
Established 1998

Actica Consulting is an independent firm providing business and technical service to the UK public sector and related organisations

We specialise in the design, procurement and delivery of digital services and associated business change activities. We combine our strong technical expertise with an excellent understanding of process transformation to focus on harnessing technology to create solutions that deliver substantial business benefits to our clients.

Actica's approach is founded on six guiding principles:

» Market focus: We specialise in supporting the acquisition of ICT solutions in the public sector and have wide experience in defence, police, central and local government.

» Independence: We maintain our independence from software, hardware and outsourcing providers to ensure we can always give impartial advice.

» Excellence: We commit to exceeding our customers'​ expectations for quality, responsiveness and professional excellence while delivering within the agreed price and schedule.

» Creativity: We employ high calibre people of exceptional creativity, expertise and determination who work closely with one another and with our clients to achieve high quality solutions to our clients'​ problems.

» Value: We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service that delivers added value to each of our clients.

» Flexibility: We work flexibly with our clients to solve their problems and arrive at solutions that can work within their organisation, recognising that skills transfer is an integral part of our mission.

We help our clients to:

  • Determine and resolve their most important management and technology issues, whilst simultaneously exploiting new opportunities for improving their services and overall performance.
  • Embrace change and harness technology to achieve improvements in their business.


Actica employs a variety of people from graduates, to associates and individuals with knowledge of e-business and markets. We want candidates with an excellent academic record, and a structured, rigorous, ‘systems approach’ to problem solving. They must think laterally and creatively to identify the best solutions. We employ effective team players with excellent verbal and written communication skills, so that we can continue working closely with our clients.

Founders & Leaders

Rachel Symes Photo

Rachel Symes

Principal Consultant

As a Principal Consultant, my days revolve around juggling the competing demands of contracted work with internal responsibilities, engaging and influencing stakeholders towards making needed decisions, chatting with colleagues, customers and decision-makers over a coffee, and keeping an eye on the corporate inbox for anything which needs a quick response! My projects to date have been varied, and one of the most rewarding projects I’ve been involved with was planning the rollout of Safeguarding training to Borough Policing. I’ll never know if it has prevented a high profile incident, but it was an important step in the right direction. Recently I’ve been given line management responsibility for a cohort of new employees. The advice I often give them is to be open to doing a wide range of work when you first start. This gives you a view of what Actica does and the customers it works for, to help shape how you’d like your career here to develop.

George Brown Photo

George Brown

Senior Consultant

have been at the company for 3 years, having arrived here after finishing a PhD in physics. Lots of my projects have been based around managing programmes and helping organisations improve their processes. My favourite project so far has been looking at how training was organised and provided in a large organisation, where I was working as a Business Analyst. During this project I talked to people all over the country to understand the challenges they faced. The aim was to design new services to improve their skillset, and help them learn faster and more effectively. The team and I successfully designed new services, with the potential to change the organisation for the better. Although working in the public sector initially felt daunting as a new employee at Actica, once I got up to speed the projects were very rewarding. I know that what I’m working on makes a real difference to people’s everyday lives, and this fills my work with value.

Joshua Bradley-Shaw Photo

Joshua Bradley-Shaw

Senior Consultant

Before working at Actica, I was finishing my PhD in Chemistry. My work now is similar to research in that it requires an enquiring mind and the ability to think on my feet, however I now use a broader focus to understand the changing world. Typically I’m embedded within client project teams providing security advice. In the morning I may be in a team planning meeting, project planning or on other team activities. In the afternoon I might write a risk assessment of the latest proposed change to a solution, or discuss architecture with the Lead Architect. The client sites are in a variety of places down South, but I generally find I can work from home one day a week.

Alisha Photo


Administration Team

I’m based in the Guildford office and manage the admin around projects. This might mean logging new opportunities as they arrive, submitting proposals to customers, invoicing customers, answering calls and other general administration tasks that come up. Before joining Actica I was doing a Business Administration apprenticeship for a training qualifications company. The work was very similar, however there are more development opportunities here at Actica. I really like this as it means I am able to explore a new path if I want to. For example, I’ve taken up the opportunity to move into a more finance focussed role and have started a bookkeeping course to develop my skills further.


  • Excellence - we at all times strive to deliver the best possible service to our clients
  • Impartiality - we act in the best interests of our client organisation at all times to ensure we provide the best possible support
  • Partnership - we act in partnership with our client, collaborating to ensure project success
  • Flexibility - we recognise that things change and assignments need to adapt to these changes. We therefore committed to working flexibly with our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes for them
  • Objectivity - our work will always be based on material knowledge, facts, professional experience and evidence
  • Confidentiality - we will protect the information we receive in the course of work for a client
  • Competence - we invest extensively in training and research to ensure our consultants have market leading knowledge
  • Skills transfer - we recognise that a consultant’s role is a temporary one. Skills transfer is a key aspect of all our assignments

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