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Acrotrend is a customer analytics consulting firm that specialises in supporting businesses to maximise the potential of the digital world. We take you from data to insight to action

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Team Size 50 - 75
Established 2007

Acrotrend is a customer analytics consulting firm that specialises in supporting businesses to maximise the potential of the digital world. We take you from data to insight to action

We are a full-service customer analytics consultancy specialising in data science and artificial intelligence for blue-chip companies around the world.

Established in 2007, we have successfully delivered over 250 engagements in several industry verticals including high-profile clients such as UMB, Reed Exhibitions, Gilead, BNP Paribas, GlaxoSmithKline, Nuffield Health, and Cancer Research UK.

We support our clients in exceeding their customer and revenue objectives by helping them make data driven decisions to acquire, serve and retain customers, improve the customer experience and increase the customer’s lifetime value.

We give your organisation the capabilities to know what data to use and show your teams how to uncover the so what behind the customer data. Then enable smarter decisions by knowing – now what needs to be done.

We expertly combine curiosity, unusual questions, and our love of data with best-of-breed modern customer analytics technology, deep experience in machine learning and data science, and packaged solution accelerators. We provide a complete range of automated solutions designed to unify and analyze customer data to uncover vital actionable insights. Data visualization and business intelligence reporting is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Acrotrend’s team of over 85 expert data scientists, customer analytics specialists, and architects can do.

Our clients enjoy:
• Streamlined reporting and predictive modeling
• Collecting and warehousing data
• On-site and offshore commercial models
• Best practice implementations with unlimited scalability
• Modern, fit-for-purpose technology architectures and platforms
• Segmenting, profiling and differentiating customers to enhance relationships
• Meeting core business objectives, lower operating costs, and increased revenues

Our clients achieve better short-term business objectives and deliver long-term business transformation. We work to activate the value that lies dormant in your data allowing you to align, accelerate and advance your organisation.

Our solutions combine the power of industry leading technology, machine learning and data science to generate better short-term business outcomes and deliver long-term business transformation.

Founders & Leaders

Sandeep Mendiratta Photo

Sandeep Mendiratta

MD and Co-Founder

Sandeep believes organisations need to be culturally more curious about their data and build communities around data to have continuous success. He has been engaged with some of the most ambitious leaders across a host of sectors and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge within data management and customer analytics.

Shailesh Maliya Photo

Shailesh Maliya

Tech Leader and Co-Founder

Shailesh is passionate about building ‘best in class’ technologies for customer insight & analytics and helping our clients implement them. This has led him to work with the top technology consulting organisations and co-founding companies. He is a strong proponent of agile methodology.

Phil Husbands Photo

Phil Husbands

Data and Analytics Director

Phil has over 20 years of experience in delivering successful data and analytics solutions to major public, private and international organisations. In 2010 Phil established the BI consultancy Saltare, which was acquired by Acrotrend in 2019. As Data and Analytics Director at Acrotrend, Phil applies his strategic, operational and change expertise to ensure that data-driven insights enable our customers to work more effectively, make better decisions and achieve their goals.

Meenal Ashtikar

Head of Customer Insights

With over 17 years of consulting experience, I have delivered excellent results across multiple industries; helping Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functions apply Customer Insights and Analytics(CIA), BI, Data Discovery technologies and concepts to realise real business value from their customer acquisition, retention and profitability programmes. Meenal has over 20 years of consulting experience delivering excellent results across multiple industries.

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