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If you've got interviews with a consulting firm coming up, then preparation is critical!

We've put hundreds of candidates forward to consulting firms. Preparation can often be the difference between success and failure. Take the feedback we received on these two candidates who recently interviewed at a strategy consulting firm:

"We feel that a little more practice on working through case studies would really benefit [Candidate 1]'s application"

"It was great to see that [Candidate 2] was well prepared and informed on what we do"

Guess who got the job?!

The second Candidate had put the hours in to practice case studies, prepare answers to typical interview questions, and get ready to prove himself. As a result, he got the offer and became a Consultant.

This is a tough job market. You can't afford to leave your job search to chance.

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Inside you'll get all this:

  • Links to Case Study guides
  • Free practice Case Studies
  • Our recommended Interview Preparation courses & books
  • Useful videos
  • Bonus 1: Explore consulting job application tips
  • Bonus 2: Guide to completing your LinkedIn profile

Don't forget our team are here to help with your job application, we can guide you every step of the way to landing your dream consulting job - just like our well prepared candidate above!